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June 14, 2023


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Grenfell Tower

Grenfell Tower Memorial Commission releases film to mark sixth anniversary of the fire

On the sixth anniversary of the Grenfell Tower fire where 72 people lost their lives, the Memorial Commission has released a video message showcasing the local artists who have contributed to commemorating the victims and supporting the bereaved families and local community to heal. 

‘With all the chaos, the one thing that could calm us was art…’ 

These are the words spoken by one of the local artists who appear in the Memorial Commission’s video message, released on 14 June 2023, six years after the Grenfell Tower fire in West London took 72 lives.

GrenfellTower-21The film features several individual local artists, volunteers and supporters of the Memorial Commission, speaking poignantly about the healing, absorbing and reflective power of art and nature.

Those featured included:

  • ACAVA’s ‘Walking as One’ – Grenfell Memorial Community Mosaic (2018–2022)
  • ‘Silent Art’
  • ‘Art for Silchester’
  • Constantine Gras
  • Hope Gardens

Also featured is Lord Paul Boateng (Memorial Commission co-chair) and Andrea Newton, (one of the Memorial Commission’s community representatives).

The film can be viewed on the Grenfell Tower Memorial Commission’s website, here.

The Grenfell Tower Memorial Commission

The Commission comprises 10 community representatives made up of five bereaved family members, three former residents who lost their homes, and two residents from the Lancaster West Estate. Representatives were selected by the bereaved families, survivors and local residents.

It is working closely with the community to decide the most fitting and appropriate way to remember those who lost their lives in the Grenfell tower fire, and how the site will be managed in the long term.

The Government has pledged to support a ‘fitting and lasting memorial’, with possible options said to include a garden, monument or museum.

The Grenfell Tower currently remains standing in Kensington, west London, covered in a protective wrap with a green heart and the message: “forever in our hearts”.

In the Memorial Commission’s first report, published in May last year, representatives spoke about the future memorial, including artwork to help honour all that has been lost, and to help hold the anguish of our community with dignity, gentleness and grace.

GrenfellTower-LocalArtCommunity-23The report outlined it was ultimately the Government’s responsibility to decide if the tower stays up or is taken down.

Incorporating artwork was said to be a popular idea, mentioned to the commission by around a third of bereaved families, survivors, those who lost their homes, local residents and members of the local community.

“We promise never to forget”

The Memorial Commission’s community representatives said: “Six years on, the pain caused by the tragedy at Grenfell Tower remains difficult to bear for those of us most deeply affected.

“We are here to create a memorial that our community has been at the forefront of, to remember and to honour the loved ones who can no longer be with us.

“Our film recognises some of the community members behind some of the incredibly special projects that, since 14 June 2017, have been helping to bring people together to recover through creation.”

The Memorial Commission’s co-chairs, Thelma Stober and Paul Boateng, added: “Six years after the tragedy, we remember and honour those who lost their lives – you are forever in our hearts.

“We are humbled and proud to be supporting the Memorial Commission in developing a memorial that reflects the voices and needs of this incredible community. We promise never to forget.”

So far, the Memorial Commission has spoken with more than 2,000 individuals, including 29 out of the 43 bereaved families.

It continues to speak with those affected and says it wants to hear as many voices as possible by early July.

It plans to publish its final report in the autumn.


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