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January 6, 2016


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IWMA Launches Competition to Find Best Student Thesis on Water Mist Technology

The International Water Mist Association (IWMA) has launched a competition to find the best university thesis on using water-mist technology as a fire protection tool.

A €1,000 prize will be given to whoever triumphs in the IWMA Young Talent of the Year Award 2016.

The winner will also be invited to present their master thesis at the IWMA’s annual International Water Mist Conference, which takes place in Vienna, Austria on 21 and 22 September 2016.

The deadline for submissions is 30 April 2016 and the award winner will be announced on 30 June.

The competition rules and timeline are as follows:

  • All students whose master thesis contains research on water mist technology can participate.
  • The master thesis should be dated within the year of the conference or the previous year.
  • One submission per university is permitted. A responsible professor or a body of expert teachers may evaluate master theses first and then decide which master thesis to submit.
  • A brief summary of the thesis should be submitted for the first round, after which the IWMA Scientific Council will whittle submissions down to the three most impressive candidates. The final three will then submit their complete thesis.
  • The abstract or summary shall be handed in no later than 30 April.
  • Between 1-31 May the IWMA Scientific Council will evaluate the abstracts or summaries.
  • On 1 June the three finalists will be asked to submit their complete master theses.
  • On 30 June the winner will be notified and announced.

The seven members of the IWMA Scientific Council judging the award are:

  • Dr Hong-Zeng (Bert) Yu (Chairman of the IWMA Scientific Council) / FM Global
  • Dr Louise Jackman / BRE, UK
  • Magnus Arvidson / SP Sweden
  • Are Brandt / SP Norway
  • Arnaud Breton /CNPP, France
  • Dr Siaka Dembele / Kingston University London, UK
  • Dr Bjarne Husted / Lund University, Sweden

For further details on rules and regulations students should ask their univerisity’s department of fire safety to contact Bettina McDowell at:

International Water Mist Association
Poststrasse 33 (im HBC)
20354 Hamburg

Tel:+49 (0) 40 35085-215
email: [email protected]

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