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December 5, 2019

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New ‘first of its kind’ competency scheme launched by BAFE

BAFE-SP202-Logo-BAFE-ONLYA new scheme to assess the competency of dry riser/wet riser service and maintenance providers has been launched by BAFE.

BAFE has worked with industry experts over the past 12 months to establish robust criteria to assess and determine evidence of a provider’s competency to deliver maintenance of dry and wet risers/falling installations.

The BAFE Competency of Organizations for the Service & Maintenance of Dry and Wet Riser/Falling Installations (SP105) Scheme is said to be the first of its kind to assess competency to deliver this service. Chris Auger, Head of Schemes – BAFE, said: “It’s crucial that BAFE represents the best levels of quality for the fire safety industry to achieve. There are possibly thousands of dry and wet riser installations nationwide and we acted on the fact that a method of determining a provider’s competency to deliver this important service was required. I am very happy to say we have delivered this to the industry, and I am confident this is a crucial step forward in the current climate of fire safety competence.”

Stephen Adams, Chief Executive – BAFE, added: “BAFE continues its commitment in developing and maintaining our competency schemes in support of the Responsible Person [Duty Holder/end users] and specifiers of fire safety services. The new SP105 Scheme demonstrates this, offering a way to easily source an evidentially competent provider for wet and dry riser maintenance – an area I’m honestly surprised the industry has not demanded until now.”

Further information regarding the BAFE Competency of Organizations for the Service & Maintenance of Dry and Wet Riser/Falling Installations (SP105) Scheme can be found on the BAFE website.

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michael floyd
michael floyd
December 6, 2019 3:51 pm

Very good news on this scheme launch. It’s a pity that retrofitting of these risers is not a requirement in high risk buildings to aid fire service efforts. I campaigned for years in a previous high risk workplace to have a dry riser fitted. Another 2 years after I left my replacement managed to finally persuade the management to do it.