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April 28, 2022

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The 2022 State of Physical Access Control Report

FIREX 2022

“Specifications now have to be accountable and traceable” – Nullifire to highlight key product ranges to support specifiers at FIREX 2022

Nullifire, registration sponsor of FIREX International 2022, will be on stand FI1222 at this year’s event between 17-19 May at London’s ExCeL. We get the lowdown on what visitors can expect to see at its stand from Sales Director, Gary Pullinger.

IFSEC Global (IG): Firstly, can you tell us a little bit about Nullifire and its expertise?

Gary Pullinger, Sales Director, Nullifire

Gary Pullinger (GP): Nullifire delivers best in class intumescent and fire stopping solutions – all backed-up with the reassurance of technical support and guidance to ensure complete peace of mind throughout the specification process.

Manufactured within the UK, Nullifire’s products have a time proven and trusted track record of performance and compliance, with the range tested extensively by third body associations and fully certified for a range of fire protection needs.

IG: It’s been a frenetic few years of learnings in the fire industry as a result of the Grenfell Tower Inquiry – what has stood out for you as the biggest change in the passive fire protection sector in the last couple of years?

GP: There have been many changes and one in particular has been the focus on ensuring that specifications are fit for purpose, accountable and can be traced.

We’ve seen that in the increase in enquiries for our traceability technologies Optifire and Optifire+ which offer guaranteed traceability of the applied Nullifire product installed on-site.

Optifire is a unique UV technology, which is activated by exposing the product’s surface to a UV light source, to offer easy and instant product identification. Identification tools held by Nullifire can reveal a specific colour which is unique to the brand’s fire stopping product range. By simply applying a UV light source, Nullifire can provide the reassurance that the product applied has been through stringent manufacturing processes and testing regimes.


The technology, which can be found within Nullifire’s firestopping and intumescents range, also allows for retrospective identification, assuring that during project construction through to project completion, the products can be traced straight back to Nullifire.

The second tracing innovation, Optifire+ offers pigment technology, which is impossible to manipulate. Visible only with a specific Nullifre detector, it offers lifetime identification, remaining traceable even after a fire.

This means that at any time during construction or after project completion, architects can be certain that the product specified is the product applied.

Both pigments are added into the product’s formulation and they represent an important step in Nullifire’s approach to innovation, bringing surerity that, at any time after a project has been completed, the product specified is what has been installed.”

IG: We know you’re planning on running two demonstration areas at FIREX this year – what can visitors to the stand expect to see from them?

GP: Visitors to our stand number FI1222 will be assured of a warm welcome and the chance to catch-up. During COVID we’ve made a significant multimillion pound investment in our company, in areas including new technologies and innovations, staff, facilities and our service too. As a result, we’ll have lots to talk about at the event.


One of the areas we’ve focused investment on is innovation. We’ll be showing that in action with two product demonstrations areas, one for our intumescent coatings and the other for our fire stopping range.

Nullifire will also be promoting some of its best-sellers, including FS719 HP Blue for CPVC, a unique sealant developed specifically for CPVC materials, and FS709 Intumescent Sealant, a high expansion/pressure exerting graphite intumescent sealant.

IG: How important is third-party certification to your products and your customers?

GP: This goes back to the point made in question two about the industry’s focus on ensuring that specifications are fit for purpose, accountable and can be traced.

We are keen to reinforce the importance of testing and certification within the passive fire protection market. It is vital that systems are available that specifiers can absolutely rely on.

We manage the complexity of passive fire protection for our clients, offering unique and reliable products and being on hand throughout the entire specification process. Quality control is assured through testing and certifications, with rigorous and regular testing covering the prescribed scenarios and the unusual.

As a result, we can offer products that meet standards and are globally recognised and offer peace of mind for our clients.

IG: Finally, what’s Nullifire’s ‘It’s All About’ campaign… about?

GP: Our new campaign, It’s All About, is showcasing Nullifire’s time proven and trusted approach under the hallmarks of innovation, as well as expertise, protection and service. This is an exciting campaign, developed as we look to celebrate our 50th anniversary, which really shows the depth of systems, service and solutions Nullifire offers.

It reinforces the unique attributes of Nullifire in these key areas. Highlights include;


  • In 2022 Nullifire celebrates 49 years in the industry, with a global reputation and a diverse range of high-profile projects, both local and global
  • We provide experienced teams supporting clients throughout the entire project


  • Our offer includes outstanding and unique products, such as the tracing technologies Optifire and Optifire+ which offer guaranteed assurance and traceable quality
  • We continuously invest in R&D


  • We offer clients access to both support and products from a single source, providing a ‘one stop shop’ solution
  • Nullifire products are extensively tested and certified, meet standards and are globally recognised. They are applied by a highly trained, approved network of installers who offer unrivalled service across the UK.


  • We have recently invested in and expanded our London distribution capacity.
  • We are educating the marketplace by offering a full suite of training workshops and CPD seminars, as well as monthly webinar training available on fire stopping and Intumescent coatings
  • Our service is continuous – from initial product training, site surveys, design advice and on-site technical assessment, right through to inspections – to ensure that a project has been completed correctly. For the longer term, we can advise on maintenance schedules and even remedial work on damaged areas

More details can be found at Nullifire’s website or come along to FIREX in May to speak to the team directly!


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