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June 9, 2016


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Benchmark Innovation Finalists 2016: Access Control Hardware

The access control market is in the midst of a pretty innovative phase right now.

It has historically been a little slow to the table in terms of interoperability in the IP era, according to some analysts. Blake Kozak of IHS suggested in January 2015 that “the access control industry is inherently slow to adopt new technologies”. And GIT Security Magazine expressed a similar sentiment in a 2014 interview wtih Axis Communications CEO Ray Mauritsson.

But we’re now seeing some really interesting developments in the industry, not least in obile access, biometrics and access control as a service (ACaaS).

The finalists in Benchmark’s access control hardware category bear this out.

The endorsement of Benchmark Magazine is worth more than any amount of marketing hyperbole. Rigorously testing the kit to cut through inflated sales boasts, Benchmark is truly the Which Magazine of the security world.

The Benchmark Innovation Award finalists will be showcased during IFSEC International 2016, which takes place between 21-23 June 2016 at ExCeL London, in the Benchmark Innovation Lounge (stand B300)Click here to register for IFSEC International 2016.

 Comelit: SimpleHome

Simple Home from Comelit  is a home automation system with visitor call recording and a touchscreen monitor with automatic display and command activation in the house or apartment.

This door-entry solution for the home uses a multi-purpose device as a controller. As well as access the user can control access, lights, automation, thermostats and other components of the ‘connected home’. Comelit’s SimpleHome also supports a range of touch-screen devices.

The SimpleHome product suite, which was launched at IFSEC 2015, is an interrelated offering where users can select and combine functions as they wish. Access control can be role-specific, meaning that, say, gardeners or contractors are only permitted to enter appropriate areas.

Check out Comelit’s SmartHome at IFSEC International 2016. Taking place between 21-23 June at London’s ExCeL, IFSEC will for the first time feature a Home Automation House that also features products from the likes of Yale, Merit Lilin and Control4, among others. 

Register here to attend IFSEC International. Once registered you can then pre-book a meeting with Comelit (stand G900).

comelit ikall metal door panel

Genetec: Synergis Cloud Link

Synergis Cloud Link from Genetec is a smart, PoE-enabled appliance designed to offer flexibility within the Synergis access -ontrol system. Meeting user demand for non-proprietary access control solutions, it offers native support of door modules or locks from HID Global, Mercury Security, ASSA ABLOY, Salto and Axis. Synergis Cloud Link is deployed over a network for real-time connectivity to doors and event reporting.

Whether installing a new system or upgrading your legacy equipment Synergis Cloud Link offers a pathway to an IP-ready security system with real-time connectivity to your doors and event reporting.

Recognising growing demand for cloud services Cloud Link has been engineered as an on-premises appliance that will connect to Genetec’s evolving portfolio of hybrid cloud services.

Genetec will be on stand F550 at IFSEC International 2016 (21-23 June, ExCeL London). Register here to attend IFSEC International. Once registered you can then pre-book a meeting with Genetec to take place during the show.

genetec cloudlink

Vanderbilt Industries: Aliro MP 1.15

The latest incarnation of Vanderbilt’s Aliro IP access control system boasts greater flexibility and customisation, including customisable colours and sequences for different events, time-limited visitor codes, registrations and roll-call reporting to support emergency evacuations, PIN code requirements, new-user registration via USB reader and event text filters have been updated for clearer user and administrator information.

Visitor access keypad codes are valid for a fixed period of time.

The new version introduces four new languages – Russian, Czech, Greek and Polish.

During emergency evacuations, system administrators can instantly produce a system report showing who has entered and where they are located in the building . Using Aliro mobile app notifications fire wardens can then identify and find anyone who has failed to register at a muster point.

Vanderbilt will be on stand G1250 at IFSEC International 2016 (21-23 June, ExCeL London). Register here to attend IFSEC International. Once registered you can then pre-book a meeting with Vanderbilt to take place during the show.

Vanderbilt CEO Joe Grillo was IFSEC Global’s most influential person in the security and fire industries for 2016

siemens aliro

Digicon: dFlow

Digicon’s dFlow turnstile aims to achieve a tricky balance: fast and simple access to authorised users; rapid closure to prevent unauthorised access.

Harnessing a ToF imaging system it effectively creates an unlimited number of sensors in any plane. The imaging system allows dFlow to follow several users within the gate passageway, whether authorised or not.

The point at which gate doors close on an unauthorised user depend on their proximity and walking speed.

These innovations, says Digicon, will keep traffic moving faster, which makes the dFlow particularly appealing in environments coping with a high volume of traffic like airports.

Digicon will be on stand F1675 at IFSEC International 2016 (21-23 June, ExCeL London). Register here to attend IFSEC International. Once registered you can then pre-book a meeting with Digicon to take place during the show.

IEE: tdFlex

Available in two main operating modes – virtual mantrap and real mantrap – TDflex offers tailgate detection at doors, turnstiles, virtual doors, mantraps, airlocks and transfer gates. It adds an additional security layer to existing access control systems in high security areas.

Harnessing IEE’s 3D MLI sensor TDFlex issues a modulated non-sensing light source in the near-infrared range. The phase shift of the reflected light is then mapped to create 3D topographic data about people and objects in the monitored area.

The algorithm is sophisticated enough to detect tailgating, u-turns in airlock systems, bi-directional movement and credential passbacks – pretty high-tech stuff.

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