August 19, 2016


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6 home security solutions for Airbnb hosts

With hundreds of people playing host for Airbnb guest in the UK alone, and thousands worldwide, it is more important than ever for hosts to make sure their home and possessions are safe.

However, being an Airbnb host presents some unique security challenges. When you have guests coming and going from your premises, things can get tricky keeping your property safe and secure.

As Airbnb continues to become more popular, many companies are creating technology that helps Airbnb hosts stay secure on their own property.

Here are some of the best options for to keep your Airbnb property secure from unwanted intruders.

airbb smartphone

Automatic door locks

The old way of letting a guest into your property is by giving them a key. In some cases, there would be different keys for different areas of the house. This can often be cumbersome. You need to be available to hand over the keys, and keys can also be duplicated. It is inconvenient and not very secure.

However, automatic locks are becoming more popular and affordable for Airbnb hosts.

Electronic door locks allow an Airbnb host to create a passcode that is given to guests. This passcode is used to enter and lock the doors of the property. Once a guest has finished their stay, the passcode is reset so the old one doesn’t work.

This can all be done by a smartphone. Many electronic door locks can sync with a mobile phone app so hosts can control their entrances remotely. Hosts don’t need to worry about exchanging keys either. A smartphone app can monitor who is entering and exiting the home.

home security access control keypadTilt motion sensors

Tilt motion sensors are a great way to determine if any valuables have been moved. If something sets off the sensors, the host will receive an alert on their smartphone in real time.

These sensors can be used to alert homeowners when a door has been opened for too long or opened and closed many times. This is a great indicator that a guest may be having a party when the host is not home.

Sensors are a great way of letting hosts know of any unusual behaviour without violating the privacy of the Airbnb guest.

Sound sensors

Sounds sensors are another great way of alerting Airbnb hosts to unusual behaviour without impeding on the guests privacy. A sound sensor will alert owners to any decibel spikes in their property. It doesn’t eavesdrop or record sound. It just alerts the host of loud noises.

This is excellent if a host has a guest house that is separate to the living quarters. It can let a host know of any potential parties or disturbances to the neighbours. However, because it only alerts you to decibel spikes and sounds record sound, it still maintains a guests privacy and avoids any legal grey areas.

Smart doorbells

This is an excellent way to verify the identities of guests, particularly if the host is not at the property. A smart doorbell includes a camera that allows an owner to get a visual of who is at the door. This can be viewed through a smartphone or tablet. It also allows the host to communicate with the guests via a two-way intercom.

This is excellent if the host wants to visually identify any guests before letting them into the home. It is a great way to visually identify who is coming in and out of the rental.

Video cameras

A word of caution to Airbnb hosts who are thinking of getting a video camera installed on their property. Installing a video camera is a grey area with Airbnb. In many local areas, the use of surveillance equipment on host properties is illegal, so check local laws.

If a host is using security cameras on their property, they are required to notify the guests about any surveillance equipment on the property. Airbnb hosts must have the consent from the guest if the guest chooses to stay on the property.

If you do choose to have video cameras, install them in off-limit areas where valuables are stored. You can monitor these with motion trigger apps.

However, there are many other security options, then to visually watch guests. Try the other options first.

Security safe

It’s an age-old technology, but it works. A safe is a great precaution and added an extra layer of security to valuables.

Use a safe to store important items such as jewellery, cash, passports and birth certificates. Make sure it is not easily visible and is bolted down to the floor.

Find out about your fire safety obligations as an Airbnb host in an article that asks: Is Airbnb getting a free ride over fire safety?

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