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Oprema in Installer World: How we’re different to other distributors

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Adam Bannister is a contributor to IFSEC Global, having been in the role of Editor from 2014 through to November 2019. Adam also had stints as a journalist at cybersecurity publication, The Daily Swig, and as Managing Editor at Dynamis Online Media Group.
June 19, 2017


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Oprema is offering discounts and special offers exclusive to IFSEC visitors as part of the show’s discounts programme.

We spoke to Gareth Williams, director of sales at the security systems distributor, about the company’s plans for the show and what makes them a truly “value-added distributor”.

IFSEC Global: Hi, Gareth. Please tell us a bit about Oprema…

Gareth Williams: We’re the UK’s fastest growing security supplier and distributor. We cover the whole of the UK and Ireland. Our head office is in Cardiff.

We only sell to the trade, in terms of transactions, although we do engage with end users. We’ll give them advice, presale support. Often we help with specifications: tenders for consultants, contractors and end users. Then we’ll recommend one of our installer partners.

IFSEC ties in nicely for us because it coincides with the launch of our new distribution facility. We’re moving premises in July.

IG: You must be growing strongly if you need a new distribution centre?

GW: Yes. It’s five times the size of what we have now. It offers a chance to provide a wider and broader stock range. We’re going to a paperless warehouse where we’ll have complete asset tracking with digital verification of all products that come in and out of the building.

So if a customer is querying a consignment, they can call up, give us the order number and we can show them the video footage of everything picked and packed and shipped to the courier.

IG: So this could make the logistics side of things much smoother and improve your ability to hit deadlines with deliveries?

GW: It will make us more efficient. Our customer service and customer experience is already very good. We pride ourselves on our technical backup as well.

But this will take us to the next level. I don’t know any other distributors with this kind of setup.

I wouldn’t quite say it’s ground-breaking but it’s a leap beyond what else is in the market at the moment.

IG: What are your plans for IFSEC? What can we expect to see?

GW: We were delighted to take the opportunity to work alongside UBM and do the installer trade counter in Installer World. A lot of people make a lot of noise and launch a lot of technology at IFSEC but don’t always get an opportunity to actually do any business.

So we’ve decided to try something new, something different. We’ll have offers on for the three days of the show with our strategic partners.

So some of them will be doing a sort of ‘first-time buy’ option on some of their new technology. Some of them will just do some very aggressive pricing on technology already in the market. There’s a path to gain new customers or offer existing customers a better deal during the show.

IG: So there’s very much a benefit to seeing you at the show as opposed to ordering online or elsewhere in terms of pricing?

GW: Yes, definitely. If someone isn’t at the show they may miss out on special, IFSEC-only offers.

So get yourself along to IFSEC and come and visit us!

IG: And what kind of technology can they expect? Intruder, access control, CCTV and everything else?

GW: Yeah. Those three and fire. We’re seeing huge growth in analytics and networking technology. So there will be some new things around that.

We can move boxes from A to B very efficiently and give people a good service. But where we come into our own is integrated systems. Many distributors talk about value add and customers find that corny as people repeat that message endlessly.

But we are a true value-added distributor. We will predesign a system, technically ratify that, we’ll try to configure and even commission at the end of it.

So that’s where Oprema is different to other distributors in the market and that’s where we really pride ourselves. Our supply chain appreciate that and it’s something our customers really value as well.

IG: Anything else you want to add?

GW: We’ve always prided ourselves on being ahead of the game technology-wise and need to have the strongest offer for customers. So I’ll be using the show as an opportunity to meet some potential new partners and have a look at new innovations in home automation. That’s a growth area.  And we’re preparing for the use of drones alongside CCTV so I’ll be checking out the Drone Zone.

Oprema is exhibiting within Installer World at IFSEC International between 20-22 June 2017 at London ExCeL. You can find the Oprema trade counter on stand C925. Get your free badge now.


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