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June 22, 2017

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Video Analytics: “Oversold and underutilised” but key to preventing terror attacks

Panel of video surveillance manufacturers agree that video analytics has yet to reach its full potential.

Atul Rajput, Axis Communications, Stephen Jones, Seagate, Jonathan Rickard, Panasonic, and Andy Coles, Hikvision took part in a lively debate at IFSEC International 2017 about the trends shaping video surveillance over the next few years.

Video surveillance panel at IFSEC 2017Video analytics raises “Far too many false alarms, not really performing” said Jonathan Rickard “but that is going to change as machine learning and processing power in cameras is increasing. Video analytics can already identify unusual behaviour, if someone in a crowd who is drunk, or walking in an usual way.”

Analytics can take away the current expectation that a single security guard can monitor 150 cameras, said Rickard.
“A guard can see one or two cameras maximum. Even if you them screen with 50 cameras, they won’t be able to do it. Machine learning is needed to monitor all cameras and then present anything usual to the security guard.”

The potential of real-time analytics

Andy Coles pointed out that Artificial intelligence is already built into many surveillance products already. “Until now analytics have been used to review an incident after it happens. Imagine intelligent analytics that can interrogate behaviour before it happens. That’s where security is going. Deep learning will make big impact in the years ahead.”

“Forensic searches for video analytics are good, but we need to now react in real time. Takes a lot of processing power and technology” said Stephen Jones.

Preventing terror attacks

In many incidents such as the recent Manchester Arena bombing, terrorists conduct a reconnaissance before the bombing.

How could video analytics have presented these attacks, asked an audience member.

“If know suspect was on terror list and you could get your VMS platform suppliers for government and businesses joined up, yes you could spot that.” said Andy Coles. “The technology is there, but as everyone is using disparate systems you cant do anything like that.”

In connecting systems “Simplicity is key” Atul Rajput added. “The more complicated systems are the more mistakes can be made on installation.”

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