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July 15, 2022


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IFSEC Global podcast – Episode three: Social media and the insider threat: Presenting new challenges to security teams

In the third episode of the IFSEC Global Security in Focus podcast we speak with Mike Gips, Principal at Global Insight in Professional Security and IFSEC Global top influencer in thought leaders for 2022.

Michael Gips, JD, CPP, CSyP, CAE

Michael Gips, JD, CPP, CSyP, CAE, is a security professional, attorney, writer, researcher, executive, and principal of Global Insights in Professional Security. He is also a senior advisor for Cardinal Point Strategies and the Network Contagion Research Institute, a leadership columnist for Security Magazine, and an associate with the insider risk firm Signpost Six. The former Chief Global Knowledge and Learning Officer for ASIS International, Mike founded the CSO Roundtable (now CSO Center) and served as editor and publisher of Security Management. Mike was named 2022 Outstanding U.S. Security Consultant (OSPAs), IFSEC’s most influential security thought leader in 2022, and one of Security magazine’s most influential people in security in 2019. A graduate of Tufts University and Harvard Law School, Mike is president of the Global Life Safety Alliance and heads the security committee for a large house of worship. He mentors several young professionals.

During the episode, we discuss Mike’s background in the physical security sector, starting in 1994, as he explores some of the key changes he’s witnessed over the years. In particular, Mike details how security professionals are now getting a ‘seat at the table’ in boardrooms – the pandemic having played a role in this.

In the second half of the episode, listeners will hear Mike’s predictions for the future, as we discuss key trends set to impact the physical security sector in the years to come. Mike highlights several points, but we particularly focus on the evolution of social media and the insider threat, and how these two growing challenges are becoming more intertwined than ever.

We finish on a fascinating story regarding an ex-US intelligence agent, so keep listening to find out more!

Listen to the podcast below, or find it on Spotify, Google Podcasts, or Apple Podcasts.

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