IFSEC & FIREX Tech Talks

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IFSEC-FIREX-TechTalks-20Welcome to IFSEC & FIREX Tech Talks, designed to bring you product and solution demonstrations directly to your screens!

The digital initiative, brought to you by IFSEC and FIREX International, offers attendees the chance to hear from leading suppliers about their latest developments and source new solutions for your fire safety and security strategies.

New for 2020, Tech Talks will be featuring regularly throughout 2021, so be sure to keep an eye out on this page and the IFSEC Global LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook feeds to ensure you don’t miss out on registration for the live sessions, where viewers have the exclusive chance to ask any technical questions or general queries directly to the vendors involved.

Attendees will be able to discover new products, connect with potential suppliers, take part in live Q&As, and evaluate and compare a wide range of possible solutions suited to their needs —all from the comfort of their desk, and for free.

Below, you will find all the latest product demonstrations and overviews from previous Tech Talks. The videos also include the Q&A sessions, which are hosted by experienced and professional broadcasters and journalists, including the  likes of David McClelland and Jo Pickard.

Dates for the diary

The next set of IFSEC and FIREX Tech Talks will be taking place at IFSEC Connect throughout June – registration is free, and you’ll have access to an exclusive batch of Tech Talks, book one-to-one meetings, and join panel discussions with leading security professionals and associations.

Secure your place here for the next Tech Talks at IFSEC and FIREX Connect, here!

All this year’s IFSEC Tech Talks from January, March and April are available on-demand below to watch back at your leisure. Keep up with the latest solutions from the likes of Dahua, Ultinous, The Keyholding Company, ASSA ABLOY, Touchless Biometric Systems, Apollo Fire Detectors, Advanced, Baldwin Boxall and plenty more!

If you would like your security or fire product featured in the next Tech Talks, email [email protected] for more information.


Watch the latest IFSEC & FIREX Tech Talks…

FIREX Tech Talks: Apollo Fire Detectors – Soteria Dimension

Apollo Fire Detectors provides an exclusive overview of its Soteria Dimension optical fire detectors, which can be flush mounted.

FIREX Tech Talks: Advanced – Simultaneous evacuation & BS 8629 compliance

Watch as Advanced explains the latest guidance on the installation and commissioning of evacuation alert systems, including BS 8629.

FIREX Tech Talks: Reacton – Fire Suppression system installation in CNC machinery

Reacton Fire Suppression runs through a typical installation of a Reacton 4kg indirect clean agent suppression system in a CNC machine.

IFSEC Tech Talks: Design Automator – SaaS solution for security system design

Design Automator demonstrates its SaaS solution for the security systems industry that automates the engineering process.

IFSEC Tech Talks: ASSA ABLOY – Incedo Business Cloud

Watch as ASSA ABLOY demonstrates how its Incedo Business Cloud platform can deliver integration and connectivity for secure access control.

IFSEC Tech Talks: The Keyholding Company – Smart Security Platform

The Keyholding Company explains how its Smart Security Platform can help businesses address security challenges and make sense of their data.

IFSEC Tech Talks Ultinous – Deep learning, U-alarm & UVAP

Watch as Ultinous provides an overview of its latest deep learning and video analytics solutions, such as U-alarm and UVAP.

IFSEC Tech Talks: Fuel Cell Systems – Fuel cells for security applications

Fuel Cell Systems explains why three of its fuel cells are particularly well-suited to security applications, such as remote CCTV.

IFSEC Tech Talks: Dahua – AI camera solutions & Dahua Innovation Centre

Watch as Dahua Technology provides an overview of its latest camera solutions and Virtual Innovation Centre.

FIREX Tech Talks: Rottguard – DLP fixed fire suppression systems

Rottguard provides an overview of its DLP fixed fire suppression systems for the protection of electrical enclosures, server cabinets and more.

FIREX Tech Talks: Baldwin Boxall – Vigil 3 voice alarm system

Baldwin Boxall examines the benefits of its Vigil 3 voice alarm system that integrates with fire detection systems to relay emergency messages.

FIREX Tech Talks: Promat – Promatect-XW

Watch as Promat from Etex Group showcases the benefits of its Promatect-XW fire protection board system in this FIREX Tech Talks session.

FIREX Tech Talks: Kentec – EVAC-POINT, ekho & Waking Watch

Watch as Kentec showcases how its EVAC-POINT and ekho devices can support building owners overcome the issues of Waking Watch patrols.

IFSEC & FIREX Tech Talks: Registration now live for April!

Register for the upcoming IFSEC & FIREX Tech Talks, providing an opportunity for security and fire professionals to discover new products.

IFSEC Tech Talks: Lorenz Technology – AI-Link and Hive drone solutions

Find out all about Lorenz Technology’s intelligent drone solutions in the company’s exclusive IFSEC Tech Talks product demonstration.

IFSEC Tech Talks: HID Global – Signo access readers

Watch as HID Global showcases how its Signo readers can provide a smart and secure access control experience for organisations and employees.

IFSEC Tech Talks: Prysm Software – Appvision platform

In this Tech Talks session, Prysm Software dives into the detail of the AppVision platform for security and building management professionals.

IFSEC Tech Talks: Touchless Biometric Systems – Biometric recognition solutions

Touchless Biometric Systems talks us through its biometric readers for hygienic access and workforce management.

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