IFSEC & FIREX Tech Talks

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IFSEC-FIREX-TechTalks-20Welcome to IFSEC & FIREX Tech Talks, designed to bring you product and solution demonstrations directly to your screens!

The digital initiative, brought to you by IFSEC and FIREX International, offers attendees the chance to hear from leading suppliers about their latest developments and source new solutions for your fire safety and security strategies.

New for 2020, Tech Talks is set to feature regularly in 2021, so be sure to keep an eye out on this page and the IFSEC Global LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook feeds to ensure you don’t miss out to attend the live sessions, where viewers have the exclusive chance to ask any technical questions or general queries directly to vendors.

Attendees will be able to discover new products, connect with potential suppliers, take part in live expert Q&As, and evaluate and compare a wide range of possible solutions suited to their needs —all from the comfort of their desk, and for free.

Below, you will find all the latest product demonstrations and overviews from our inaugural event in October 2020. The videos also include the Q&A sessions, hosted by experienced technology journalist and broadcaster, David McClelland.

Registration for the next FIREX Tech Talks, taking place on 17 November, is open now! 


Watch the latest IFSEC & FIREX Tech Talks…

IFSEC Tech Talks: Monitoreal AI Video Security Assistant 

Monitoreal can be found demonstrating its AI video security assistant, designed to provide a smart home video surveillance solution “for all”.

IFSEC Tech Talks: BriefCam – Video Synopsis and deep learning

In this IFSEC Tech Talks session, watch as BriefCam demonstrates its Video Synopsis and Deep Learning Solutions.

IFSEC Tech Talks: Trackforce Valiant – Workforce management solution

Watch as Trackforce Valiant talks us through its all-in-one workforce management solution, making life easier for guards and supervisors.

IFSEC Tech Talks: Axis Communications – Frictionless access control

Axis Communications give viewers an overview of its frictionless access control solutions, followed by a live Q&A.

IFSEC Tech Talks: CSL DualCom Pro

Watch as CSL provides an exclusive product demonstration of its CSL DualCom Pro range, as well as discussing the move towards all IP.

IFSEC Tech Talks: Morse Watchmans – KeyWatcher

Watch as Morse Watchmans provides an in-depth demonstration of its secure KeyWatcher Touch asset management solution.

IFSEC Tech Talks: Traction Guest – Visitor management software

Watch as Traction Guest takes us through its integrated visitor management system, demonstrating the experience of visitors and users.

IFSEC Tech Talks: Fireco – Germgard

In this IFSEC Tech Talks video, Fireco explains its Germgard smart sanitising solution which provides additional building safety measures.

IFSEC Tech Talks: Marshalls – Protective street furniture

Marshalls Landscape Protection provides viewers with a product overview of their protective street furniture solutions in action.

IFSEC Tech Talks: Secure Logiq – Logiqal Healthcheck Pro

In this Tech Talks, find out all about Secure Logiq’s Healthcheck Pro, designed to reduce downtime in mission-critical CCTV applications.

IFSEC Tech Talks: Lorenz Technology – AI-Link and Hive drone solutions

Find out all about Lorenz Technology’s intelligent drone solutions in the company’s exclusive IFSEC Tech Talks product demonstration.

IFSEC Tech Talks: HID Global – Fargo Card Printer

IFSEC Tech Talks gets the inside scoop on the HID GLobal INK1000 Fargo Card Printer.

Discover tomorrow’s world of security products at IFSEC Tech Talks

From intelligent drones to video analytics, don’t miss your chance to find out about the latest security solutions at IFSEC Tech Talks. Find out who is set to exhibit what, here!

IFSEC & FIREX Tech Talks: A new opportunity to discover fire and security solutions

IFSEC and FIREX are delighted to announce the launch of IFSEC & FIREX Tech Talks, a new digital initiative designed for security and fire safety professionals to discover new products and services.