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September 14, 2022


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Andrew Thorburn to take over mantle as Head Judge for IFSEC Global Influencer Awards in 2023

IFSEC Global is delighted to announce that New Zealand’s Andrew Thorburn will succeed Grant Lecky as Head Judge for the 2023 IFSEC Global Influencer Awards.

Lecky, who has led the process as Head Judge for the past five years, will continue to provide support to Thorburn as next year’s judges are contacted and confirmed, as well as throughout the process to ensure consistency and a level of continuity from previous years. Lecky will also remain as lead judge for the final part of the process – the IFSEC Global Influencer of the Year award.

During his time as Head Judge, Lecky demonstrably grew the international diversity of the IFSEC Global judging panel. The 2022 judges included security leaders from across the globe, spanning North America, South America, Europe, Africa, Asia and Australasia. The IFSEC Global team would like to thank him for the time and efforts both him and Bonnie Butlin have committed to the awards during this time.

Thorburn has himself been named to the influencers list several times, including in 2021, and will take over the role of Head Judge in compiling an international panel of security judges, guiding them throughout the process to ensure nominations remain of high quality and scoring is consistent across the process.

Andrew Thorburn will succeed Grant Lecky as Head Judge for the 2023 IFSEC Global Influencer Awards

“I have long been an advocate of recognising authentic success, no matter how little it might be”

Thorburn is a highly experienced and commercially astute protective security and organisational development consultant with a career that spans both the private and public sectors. Thorburn brings over 25 years of security technology and staff services strategy and implementation experience to colleagues and end user clients. He regularly contributes to the profession through voluntary sector leadership, development and delivery of subject matter to special interest groups, such as New Zealand Security Association, ISC2 and ASIS International, and contributes thought leadership pieces for industry online and print publications.

He is a past ASIS International Chapter 148 Chairperson and the 2018 New Zealand Security Consultant of the Year. Andrew has demonstrable experience in local and central government critical national infrastructure projects and is currently working on establishing local, but globally supported, industry leadership and governance awards. He is continuing to drive for the development of culturally aligned sector training for indigenous people.

On his new role, Thorburn commented: “The opportunity to be working closer with inspirational and influential leaders within the global security community meant I did not have to think twice when asked if I would support the IFSEC Global awards as the lead judge.”

“Whilst there are giant shoes to follow, I am not missing the fact that we have many champions that guide, shape and truly influence others to achieve milestones they never thought of, or thought were possible. For the most part they go unrecognised outside of their county, city, or state, let alone country, and this is their time to be recognised.

“What IFSEC and the Security Partners Forum, led by Grant Lecky and Bonnie Butlin, have developed in these accolades is nothing short of incredible, and the opportunity to work more closely with both parties as the awards mature into the next phase is a privilege, and humbling.

“I have long been an advocate of recognising authentic success, no matter how little it might be.  Too often we get caught in the weeds of day to day, facing the many challenges the security sector brings us, and in so much as we forget to recognise the contributions of our current and emerging leaders.”

“From academia to thought leaders, front line management to the behind-the-scenes cyber and resilience practitioners, and educators, the IFSEC Global awards is without doubt the pre-eminent awards programme for industry by industry, without bias or borders.

“The proposed evolution is exciting, and I am thrilled to be a part of this programme where we can celebrate, promote, and influence excellence resulting in more practitioners changing the way we and future industry professionals add value.”

Lecky added: “I can think of no one more appropriate to pass the head judge for the IFSEC Global Influencer Awards mantle on to than Andrew. I am confident he will do an excellent job in continuing to elevate the awards, which are now a global recognition of achievement in the physical and cyber security industry.

IFSECGlobal-InfluencersLogo-Generic“It’s been a huge privilege to lead the judging process over the past five years and work with such fantastic judges. And, there’s nothing better than being the ‘good news bear’, when contacting the winners with their accolades! I’m thrilled that I’ll be continuing my involvement in the awards as lead judge of the Influencer of the Year process – one that we believe provides an extra level of competition and recognition.”

The 2023 awards process – new developments

The IFSEC Global Influencer Awards team will introduce a couple of changes, including a new category, to the 2023 process. The two commercial security executives and end user category will combine to form one ‘Commercial Security Executives & End-users (In-house physical security professionals)’ category, while a new ‘Resilience’ award will be added. The Resilience category will cover an important aspect of the industry, designed to recognise those individuals leading the field in organisational resilience, business continuity, emergency and crisis management, and critical infrastructure protection.

There will also be further nomination guidance to support those making nominations, as well as to support judges in their decision making.

The 2022 IFSEC Global Influencer Awards list was unveiled in June, here. The Security Influencer of the Year is set to be revealed at this year’s Security & Fire Excellence Awards in November. 

The 2023 IFSEC Global Influencer Awards will once again be open for public nominations in January 2023, where the judging panel will also be revealed.


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