May 21, 2018

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The Praesidia system and integrated fire and security

In response to ever-increasing demand for integration in the management of security systems, especially in large structures, Inim is pushing forward with the Praesidia system, which has a wealth of potential.

Today’s marketplace expects automatic fire-detection and alarm systems to be part of the building structure. Therefore, their integration with various management, monitoring, control and evacuation systems is one of the security sector’s new challenges.

Inim’s powerful and extremely flexible Praesidia modular fire-detection panel offers an absolutely innovative solution that meets this challenge, as it is designed to connect with ease to a series of systems external to the fire detection installation itself, such as:

  • IP-based video surveillance cameras with ONVIF protocol: as a result of the Praesidia’s advanced video-verification function, cameras which are normally installed in the same Ethernet network can be interconnected to the fire-detection control panel in order to provide captured images of specific areas where danger is detected.
  • EVAC voice systems: voice evacuation systems consist of one or more control units and a series of loudspeaker lines. These systems are capable of providing detailed information, therefore, when compared to fire-alarm sounders, they provide a more efficient way of warning building occupants of danger and the need to evacuate the premises. The interconnection between the Praesidia and these systems allows the activation of targeted voice messages in the different evacuation zones.
  • BMS (building management system): monitoring systems, usually consisting of software installed on a PC platform, capable of monitoring and managing the system through a series of graphic maps, function buttons, etc. These systems constitute a simplified interface for the end user.
  • Paging systems: some centralised telephone systems are capable of receiving text strings from other systems (in the case of the Praesidia from the fire-detection control panel) and of sending them to a series of remote devices such as pagers or cordless telephone displays.
  • Emergency lighting systems: systems that activate emergency lamps in the event of danger. The mains supply may fail at any time, for example during heavy storms, a fire, work in progress or mains network overload. In such cases emergency lamps provide fundamental lighting that ensures safe evacuation of the building.

Praesidia integrated with emergency lighting

The integration of emergency lighting apparatus with the fire-detection system increases the performance and functionality of both: from the selective signaling of emergency exit routes to the guided evacuation of specific areas of danger. We can also speak of automatic maintenance: the control panel is capable of performing functional and battery-life tests on the lamps and of providing feedback lists in compliance with current legislation, as well as offering reduced management and installation costs.

The Praesidia system is capable of managing Inim’s Harper Emergency and signaling lamps directly on its Loops. All “BUS monitored” versions of Harper products can also be installed on addressable fire-detection systems: an exclusive feature that only Inim offers in the marketplace today.

This makes it possible to make use of a single control panel and a single BUS for both systems, with the advantage of being able to create these installations in less time and at a lower cost.

Harper emergency lamps

Inim’s Harper line emergency lamps use the latest generation LED light source that guarantees over 50,000 hours of life, high luminous fluxes, and greater energy efficiency. Furthermore, as a result of an exclusive patented optic, they eliminate the risk of glare in compliance with the regulations relating to the photobiological safety of LEDs.

The new, more compact, long-life and environmentally friendly LiFePO4 batteries also contribute to the increased lifespan and efficiency of Harper Emergency lamps which, with their up-to-the-minute design, are available in four versions: standard; self-testing for the autonomous detection of faults; with BUS interface monitored by a control panel which integrates with the Praesidia; central-battery for a centralised power supply system.

IFSEC International takes place between 19-21 June 2018 at ExCeL London. If you want to visit Inim and hear more about their innovative Praesidia system. Register here and visit them at stand E322.

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