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November 15, 2017


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Security has never been a more critical discussion.

2017 has been a year where organisations and governments became increasingly aware that the manner of threat which they were working to prevent has changed irrevocably.

Europe fell victim to a string of unpredictable attacks; Yahoo saw their share value fall by $350 billion over 48 hours after the largest security breach in history was revealed; the NHS found their physical assets left vulnerable after a ransomware attack disrupted their ambulance service; the FBI and Apple went to war on encryption and Airbnb properties were left in chaos when a smartlock update went wrong.

These represented a pivotal theme, the need for all those influencing security to adapt to reflect the more complex world, and the ever-closer interweaving of physical and cyber security.

The time is now for the security profession to unite their knowledge and their technologies to protect people, property and profits. To do this we must transform our expertise. We must be able to access the solutions we need. We must commit to making the world a safer place.

IFSEC has a vision; to transform alongside the security industry

As of 2018, it is IFSEC’s commitment to become this place for the profession to create a safer world. More than just a prominent trade show, IFSEC must foster the global security conversation, be the vessel that sets and carries the agenda and be the antenna for broadcasting the safety and security dialogue.

2018 will be the inauguration year of a transformation of IFSEC’s 40-year heritage as a physical security show into a high level security summit and integrated security event

2018 will be the inauguration year of a transformation of IFSEC’s 40-year heritage as a physical security show into a high level security summit and integrated security event.

When IFSEC was first conceived, the threats we faced were merely physical. Society has adapted and this is the year we must too.

The security profession must evolve to meet modern needs. IFSEC is gladly becoming the arena for the big discussions, however difficult they may be.

The security profession must discover solutions that are a driving force in protecting businesses, people and data. IFSEC will give the security industry the platform to display and discover products and services to help national, corporate and home security adapt to the changing tides of tomorrow’s challenges.

The security profession must drive the agenda. IFSEC will exist for the world’s leading security experts to find a platform for provocative debate on global security and propel intercommunication forward between the installer, integrator, end user and vendor.

IFSEC 2018; an orchestration of every aspect of how the security sector relates to our world

IFSEC will exist to be the conduit between the security profession and the solutions needed to achieve global safety. To pilot this conversation in 2018, IFSEC will;

  • Drive an emphasis on major keynote addresses from strategic global security leaders, in a dedicated Summit
  • Host a multitude of high level panel debates from government and industry influencers, congregated in the striking Amphitheatre
  • Provide the opportunity to hear from those leading the way in identifying, installing and maintaining transformational security practices between physical and IT, introducing an Integrated Security Theatre
  • Establish the impartial voice of security equipment, rigorously holding technology up to the test in real-life Testing, across Attack Scenarios, Surveillance Situations and more
  • Propel intercommunication forward between the installer, integrator, end user and vendor, in hosted collaborative roundtable peer discussions
  • Deliver security innovation to the world, revealing thousands of differentiated products that will filtrate from government, to the boardroom, and to every individual in the security profession

It’s time to allow the security industry to thrive and forge the global agenda

We trust that as custodians of IFSEC, which is a privilege we’re rightly proud to have, that the industry, market and every stakeholder will view this declaration of intent in a positive light. IFSEC is indeed a successful exhibition business but we’re acutely aware that it has a profound reason to exist at a more elevated level.

If there is a vision of what makes a safer global landscape, it begins with the security profession. Join the beginning of this journey with IFSEC 2018 to design a more secure world and help security thrive over threat.

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November 17, 2017 6:40 am

Educating the customer is key to delivering rounded, long term, safe and secure solutions, it’s in the customers interest to buy right first time and not falling foul of buying cheap and twice or worse; creating security weaknesses through poor design. Education through engagement and discussions such as you are proposing will be most helpful and is welcome, your challenge will be marketing to these potential customers like a market place vendor and to fully explain the value of attending by the kind of people that we as designers and installers want to see attracted to the show. It’s good… Read more »