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December 6, 2019


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Q&A with Security Installer of the Year award winner, Total Security Protection

Having won the Security Installer of the Year award at the 2019 Security & Fire Excellence Awards, IFSEC Global spoke to Total Security Protection (TSP) about its recent projects and the potential trends going forwards in the industry.

Can you tell us a little bit more about Total Security Protection and what you do?

In essence we are a security system integrator, installing and providing support to enterprise class electronic security systems; but above all the success of TSP is down to the relationships that we create, build and hold with technology partners, clients, customers and industry professionals/ influencers. We’re a privately-owned integrator based on the outskirts of London with regional offices in Birmingham and City of London, providing support to global organisations.

Established over 30 years ago, our long-standing history is underpinned with our highly skilled engineers, technical know-how, and ability to understand the holistic requirements of an organisation. TSP now has a track record for delivering large, complex, integrated security systems, with a portfolio of customers spanning four continents.


Congratulations on winning the Security Installer of the Year award! What were the key projects that helped you win?

Our entries included a global Data Centre, an international law firm and a global financial/investments company.

Data Centre

One of the world’s largest data centre provider specialises in mission critical hosting for international leading businesses. Their London, Slough and Manchester data centres have large, complex security systems requiring perimeter detection, access control and CCTV.

TSP implemented a new multimillion-pound electronic security infrastructure across two of these data centres. Starting July 2018, we completed site 1 in February 2019 and site 2 in March 2019, sometimes working around the clock to meet critical deadlines.

We installed

  • 225 Access Control Points + Biometrics
  • 240 CCTV Cameras
  • Thermal Cameras with Perimeter Detection
  • Intercoms

Security and reputation are of paramount importance to our client to protect client information. With the AMAG platform, we provided a seamless integration between access control and CCTV, giving accurate and immediate alarm information, including location, for swift response. All alarmed doors when forced or held open automatically generate CCTV image pop-ups with an alarm screen revealing the nature of the security risk.

International Lawyer:

TSP was awarded an electronic security system upgrade of one of its key practices, managed by fit out company ISG with Cornerstone’s security design. Following successful completion, we consequently won the major £1.3 million upgrade.

As security integration partner, alongside ISG and Cornerstone, we implemented the installation in 64 weeks, finishing in May 2019, comprising:

  • 200 Honeywell Pro-Watch Access Control Doors
  • 150 Axis Cameras onto a Milestone IP CCTV system
  • Stentofon Intercom installation
  • Meesons High-Speed gates, and
  • Full security control room upgrade

Not just a building access system, our new system met modern operational requirements, giving better floor movement and external building coverage, an effective reporting structure, and a user-friendly recording platform. ISG presented our project manager with five awards and TSP three as ‘best contractor’.


An award-winning Overbury Plc project, encompassing ancient and medieval ruins in a sleek, modern design. TSP won the tender for an integrated security system providing ‘actionable’ business intelligence via Single Pane of Glass operating platform, full compliance and security, using QCIC’s design.

The integrated end-to-end solution consisted of:

  • Tyco’s C-Cure 9000 Access Control
  • Victor PSIM
  • VideoEdge Network recorders
  • Axis Cameras
  • Stentofon IP Intercom system
  • Traka key cabinets
  • Lund Halsey control room (including dual height desks)

Over 18 months, we installed 280 access-controlled doors, 160 IP HD cameras, 20 IP intercoms, three speed-lane banks, and Key Traka, with integration into the Schindler Lift destination systems, Manhattan Space Management system and Smart Building Management.

We integrated the base-building contractor’s system and the client’s other existing building systems into the new front end PSIM, and exported the client’s existing data from its original building’s security system.

TSP was also awarded “Project of the Year” by Tyco Security Products for this project.

In terms of the projects you’ve recently been fitting, are there any particular trends you’re seeing being requested?

Trends are quite sector specific from our point of view. However, all follow a similar results path, such as:

  • More stringent cyber security measures
  • More resilient network design
  • BiM is now required for most projects
  • Mitigation against business risk
  • Driving compliance
  • Reducing operational inefficiencies with business process automation (managing starters, movers and leavers through building access control software for example)
  • Providing actionable intelligence

As we work predominantly within the corporate sector, a lot of our projects are large, mission critical and complex. This results in the technology available being considerably reduced – albeit more advanced and higher priced. There has been a move towards Enterprise type technologies, because of their reliability, usability and the ability to provide better site specific information, allowing the reduction of risk and improvement of compliance.

Data Centres, due to the nature of their business and the security of their client’s data results in dual- and tri-authentication and biometric technologies becoming very prevalent here.

Many of our projects are following the route of Smart Buildings, where security systems and security technology can also be used for building management. For example, monitoring building occupancy levels can support with:

  • managing catering
  • hot desking
  • locker usage
  • fire evacuation


How important does Total Security Protection regard training for its installers and integrators?

The aptitude of our engineers is paramount in ensuring we provide our clients with the right services and support, first time, every time. We have an in-house training academy, while we are also investing in an online training platform whereby all staff can access eLearning specific to their roles. We also invest heavily in partner technology training.

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