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Adam Bannister is editor of IFSEC Global. A former managing editor at Dynamis Online Media Group, he has been at the helm of the UK's leading fire and security publication since 2014.
November 8, 2018

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Mobile access series #1: What you need to know


Texecom Cloud launched with remote maintenance, Health Check feature and simplified programming

Texecom has launched a cloud-based platform that enhances engineers’ ability to manage, configure and control their alarm system portfolio.

Texecom Cloud, a web-based portal accessible on any internet-connected device, will help engineers find operational efficiencies and grow revenues by adding value to customers, according to the alarm system manufacturer.

Texecom Cloud is compatible with Premier Elite systems using Texecom Connect SmartCom or Premier Elite ComIP communications. It requires Premier Elite firmware V4.01 and above for SmartCom connectivity or V2.11 and above for ComIP connectivity.

The platform has been launched in the UK, with other territories to follow.

The biggest source of cost savings for users of Texecom Cloud is arguably remote maintenance, which negates the costs and hassle – to both the engineer and their customers – associated with travelling to sites to conduct maintenance checks and repairs.

Texecom Cloud’s remote maintenance and Health Check services automate, log and track the maintenance process. Installers can therefore offer customers more cost-competitive, less intrusive maintenance contracts.

Periodic maintenance is an unavoidable overhead for many end users if they are to guarantee system up-time and comply with European and British Standards mandating maintenance visits for insurance-approved systems with police response.

The Health Check regularly monitors an installer’s entire alarm systems portfolio, alerting them to problems that hitherto may have gone undetected

The Health Check regularly monitors an installer’s entire portfolio of alarm systems, alerting them to problems that hitherto may have gone undetected.

Texecom Cloud promises round-the-clock access, from any internet-connected web browser, via desktop, laptop, tablet or smartphone. Cloud application software updates happen automatically, liberating users from navigating panel configuration software.

Texecom claims that Texecom Cloud simplifies and speeds up on-site programming to the extent that engineers will never again want to program using the keypad (although that will still be an option).

Programming templates from previous installations or imported Wintex profiles can be customised to reduce the number of programming steps required, guarantee consistency across sites and eliminate programming errors.

Texecom believes formatted service reports introduced by Texecom Cloud – available to Silver and Gold members – will help engineers build trust with customers by transparently documenting any maintenance work undertaken, when and with what outcome.

Gold members can have service reports emailed automatically to either staff members or directly to customers. Emails can be customised for each site.

The customer-engineer relationship is also enhanced by restricted engineer access solely to security systems they need to access. Intelligent, dynamic system labelling tools simplify controlling, recording and removing engineering access rights.

The ability to customise branding – adding the customer’s log to the Texecom Connect end user app – will soon be available to Gold members. Changing branding settings within the Texecom Cloud automatically updates all linked Texecom Connect apps dynamically.

Texecom is offering engineers a 14-day free trial to Texecom Cloud, with all functionality included. Find out more.

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