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February 13, 2020


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“The security market is shifting into service-centric solutions”, says EL.MO. Spa

IFSEC Global speaks to Alberto Pastorello, International Sales Director at EL.MO. Spa, to find out more about the company and the most recent product offerings that its set to demonstrate to visitors to this year’s IFSEC International Show in September.


Hi Alberto, please could you tell us a little more about EL.MO. Spa? What are the main sectors you’re involved in?

AlbertoPastorello-EL.MO.Spa-20Hi James, sure! EL.MO. Spa is an Italian company that has been setting the standards in active safety since 1975, by designing, manufacturing and providing complete solutions in matters of security. Our product lines include intrusion and fire detection systems, video surveillance, with our own brand e-Vision, and access control.

We deal with security as a whole, meaning all our product lines can be integrated together with home and building automation systems, supporting customers in efforts to work more efficiently.

EL.MO. relies on a modern R&D and hardware/software department, as well as internal laboratories, in order to offer up-to-date and secure devices. For instance, we have a wide selection of EN50131 grade 2 and 3 certified products for top-level security, for any kind of installation.

We value quality, both in product design and in our workflow, which is why EL.MO. has also been awarded with ISO 9001 (Quality Management), ISO 14001 (Green Responsibility) and SA 8000 (Social Accountability) standards.

Decades of experience and know-how, combined with the “Made in Italy” DNA, has shaped EL.MO. as a benchmark company for quality, reliability and state-of-the-art technology. We value the past, and yet we are looking straight into the future.

What have been the most notable developments from EL.MO. Spa in the past 12 months?

EL.MO. has been investing in a lot of new projects: we released PROXIMA, a new line of extremely versatile and powerful control units, suitable for any kind of application, thanks to its modular architecture and ‘openness’ to EL.MO. and third-party building automation systems.

Moreover, as integration is a key concept for us, we created VISIO2K, a new frontier in smart detection. This sensor combines the potentials of IR tech to the functions of the integrated camera What’s innovative about VISIO2K is that it actually employs advanced video analysis functions on board – detecting and evaluating movements and direction, snapping an image (there is no need for a video or a sequence of images) only if it has been determined as a threat event. The video analytics are able to determine the scene and prevent false alarms, with 1km wireless working range nonetheless!

Finally, I should mention the amazing integration we now have with Google Home and Amazon Alexa, making security smarter! Through the e-Connect web platform, commands addressed to these AI voice assistants allow users to instantly operate on EL.MO. control panels, and by that, work on the intrusion and home automation systems.

It is also possible to combine a series of activities, which will come into operation in response to a specific command, creating ‘scenarios’. For instance, if a user was to say, “I’m leaving”, the system is able to operate on a pre-set activity list in response, such as turning off the lights, opening the gate and alerting the intrusion alarm system. Routines are customisable to each user.

And how do these developments relate to wider trends in the industry as a whole?

The security market is shifting into service-centric solutions, cloud-based and connected systems, able to grant an all-in-one answer to customers’ needs. It is often not just about the mere intrusion or CCTV system anymore, rather it is an all-round solution that includes several added-value services: in other words, full integration.

ELMOSpa-Visio2K-20As the world is increasingly becoming digital, security is as well, as we move towards connectivity, remote supervision and management. Thanks to powerful devices such as smartphones, IoT will progressively include the security sector, forcing it to become more functional, efficient and integrated.

A continuing trend is also the use of AI within security, whether it be intrusion (see VISIO2K), CCTV or other systems, which act as a powerful asset for security detection. As we all well know, AI is supporting detection capabilities, regarding accuracy, sensibility and data computing in order to determine new anomalies and threats. We are all curios about what other sectors AI will influence, as it is progressively seeping into everyday life.

On this note, do you foresee any changes coming in the security or fire safety sectors that professionals, whether it be end users or installers, should be aware of and start preparing for?

As I said before, connectivity is a huge issue in the near future, as we are close to 5G launching worldwide, while security professionals are still employing 3G connection (or even 2G) for remote management. Soon this obsolete technology won’t work anymore, which is a major concern. Extra speed and bandwidth are vital for our sector, since its main goal is safety. For this reason, EL.MO. has created a 5G-ready module to enhance our systems and engage the potentials of high-speed security.

Data transmission is increasingly gaining importance. Two-way, wireless communication among all the parts of a system is becoming a necessity, since it allows remote configuration and more functionality. For example, this is granted by our NG-TRX technology, while it also ensures encrypted wireless communication up to 2km. We all know the importance of secure data transmission towards the outside, as notifying alarms to external receivers is paramount. Data transmission is progressively based on SIA DC-09 standard protocol, which grants a greater security, while we can design security system certified EN50131 grade 3 and CEI79-3 performance level 3, by using e-Connect as a remote notifying service. e-Connect communication protocol has been certified to SP4 performance level according to EN50136-1: 2013 and ATS4 according to EN50131-1: 2009.

What support do you offer to installer and integrator partners?

EL.MO. customers can rely on an intensive and well-structured pre- and after-sales service. Our system design team supports customers in the project design phase and can offer proposals for supply specifications, bills of quantities, technical reports and operating diagrams. A qualified and constantly updated help desk is also available for any technical question.

EL.MO. also schedules technical training courses customised for our customers, so that they have all the tools and information they ned to install, manage, and maintain our security systems. These sessions are held by highly specialised technicians who can provide advanced know-how and field expertise.

Finally, users may access a portal where they can find technical documents, educating materials and receive regular updates on our news and product. These are available in a variety of formats, from digital paper to YouTube step-by-step guides, as additional supporting tools upon first approach. We are also set to introduce a webinar programme, to provide further education for our partners!

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