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May 4, 2021


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Security operation centres

Security Operations teams look to SureView’s new SaaS platform to improve response and manage growth

Security teams face the dual challenges of rapid organisational change and expansion while the threats they protect against continue to grow. They are required to manage more alarms, more facilities, and protect more individuals. How can SureView’s new cloud-based SaaS platform help?

Deploy immediately through software-as-a-service (SaaS)

The new SureView Operations (Ops) platform is delivered from the Cloud, eliminating on-site hardware requirements, and making onboarding so simple, it can be completed in a matter of hours. Subscription based pricing allows new customers to get started without capital investment and validate the benefits prior to a full rollout. By utilising the Cloud, customers no longer need to worry about hitting capacity limits or managing and maintaining IT infrastructure. New features and functions are made available with zero operational downtime and without waiting for maintenance windows to open.

So how does a security operations team react positively to change?

Security Operations Teams need to consolidate and simplify their operations to scale economically. Ops integrates multiple systems and provides teams the clear situational awareness, response processes, and communication tools they need to improve security event outcomes. As teams respond, this same information is automatically recorded, providing security leaders valuable data including a complete audit of activities and the ability to measure performance against key metrics.


SureView-SaaS-21SureView has helped customers respond to growth, improve response, and transform their operations, visit them at sureviewsystems.com to learn how SureView customers have:

  • Radically reduced the time to respond to events using advanced automation
  • Improved communications between the Security Operations Center and other security groups, including field operations, with simple event sharing and mobile tools
  • Established effective operational processes to ensure all events are handled consistently across the group
  • Implemented strong audit and management reporting disciplines for compliance and process improvement
  • Eliminated long maintenance windows and created a robust, high-availability deployment
  • Integrated existing systems to make operational processes and onboarding new staff simpler
  • Created an open architecture ecosystem to support ‘best of breed’ purchasing and make the adoption of new subsystems easier in the future.
  • Absorbed growth and complexity without increasing the overall security spend while still delivering improved ROI to the business.

You can start today

SureView will assign one of their engineers to work with you to understand your operation today and the challenges you need to address. The objective is to develop a mutually agreed FastTrack plan so that you can achieve your immediate goals within 30-days.

Ready to learn more? Book a demo with the SureView team!






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