September 22, 2023


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Why embracing an OPEN approach to security is so important

Axis Communications’ Regional Director for Northern Europe, Linn Storäng, argues that security is stronger when working with partners who have embraced a transparent approach to technology, sustainability, and communication.

LinnStorang-Axis-23Transparent, collaborative, and open business practices are beginning to replace the era of the closed shop, and for good reason.

Openness, and not just in the security industry, leads the way to stronger partnerships and more effective technology. Being transparent regarding one’s actions encourages an ethical and sustainable approach as standard.

Perfect clarity along the supply chain engenders trust and ensures a quality end product which has not been tampered with.

Moreover, being open does not mean being less secure nor losing competitive advantage. At Axis, we have learned that taking an open approach offers opportunities that shutting one’s doors does not – both in terms of expanding and improving on the products we are able to offer, and on demonstrating to potential customers and partners that our technology and business approach is trustworthy.

Openness should be a core tenet of modern businesses, particularly for those working in the security space.

Reaping the benefits of an open platform

Freedom of collaboration is the key to developing mature technology that works precisely as customers and partners demand.

Axis’ open platform, for example, gives our technology partners the ability to create their own custom functionality based on our IoT devices, integrating data points pulled from our IP cameras, for example, with their own sensors, or developing AI-based techniques to identify and track particular activities.

Developing a bespoke platform from scratch is costly, difficult, and time-consuming – iterating on an open platform is far more efficient.

Open platforms enable tomorrow’s technological innovations. Advanced AI solutions, hybrid architectures, and the transition of processing to the edge are all made possible by allowing open collaboration. And by retaining an open approach to data availability, connectivity across the IoT is simplified, as is the development of advanced analytics.

Finding out just how well a security system functions – by running it against ACAS, for instance – becomes much more straightforward and streamlined when the tools to do so are readily available.

Axis OPEN events – What can you expect?

Axis has announced an ambitious and engaging series of events across Europe in partnership with Genetec and Milestone. The new OPEN events, taking place throughout Europe and Q4, will highlight how technology is driving innovation in security, safety, and operational efficiency, while also providing a platform for delegates to learn about the pressing issues of sustainability and cyber security.

The events will be designed to offer an opportunity for systems integrators, distributors, and consultants, as well as end-customers, to meet and foster collaboration.

Alongside several networking breaks, panel discussions and breakout sessions will cover cyber security, the NIS 2 directive, digital transformation, the role of data in security and macro and technology trends in security. There will also be a tech bar and education corner to ask questions directly to Axis, Genetec and Milestone representatives.

Axis OPEN Events for 2023

  • Madrid – 3 Oct 2023
  • Paris – 17 Oct 2023
  • London – 31 Oct 2023
  • Tel Aviv – 2 Nov 2023
  • Oslo – 7 Nov 2023
  • Helsinki – 21 Nov 2023

View the OPEN event agenda and register for OPEN London, taking place at Wembley Stadium on 31 October, here >>

Cyber security through complete clarity

It is clear businesses can achieve major security, safety, and operational gains when deploying systems based on open technologies. However, we must always be conscious that improperly secured IoT devices could act as a backdoor for attackers to gain access to IT networks.

When working within open technologies and platforms, strong cyber security is not optional. It’s a must.

Adhering to regional regulations and directives is critical in today’s landscape. NIS2, for example, is currently the most pressing cyber security measure, setting an EU-wide target that all public and private entities which fulfil important functions for the economy and society as a whole, are required to take – the most recent update includes coverage for cyber security of the ICT supply chain, including IoT devices.


Security hardware must be manufactured in such a way that lower standards of regulation or supply chain tampering possibilities are not realised, and with complete clarity as to its credentials.

Axis secures its devices with technology like the TPM-based Edge Vault, which secures cryptographic keys at the point of integration. We employ signed firmware and video, guaranteeing in the case of the former that devices cannot be tampered with in the supply chain, and in the latter that footage cannot be altered before it is seen.

We are open about our technology and methodology because we are confident it is the right choice for our customers; being open about security is something any business with integrity should be ready to do.

Strengthening the sustainability mission

90% of executives believe sustainability is an important factor in business, a statistic which reflects a growing public anxiety towards environmental issues; 40% of those surveyed in 2021 considered themselves very concerned about the environment, up from 22% in 2010.

This concern cannot be ignored – nor the very real impact industry has on global warming and waste.

The world’s path to a sustainable future is hinged on clear messaging and visible actions. Axis, for example, has made sustainability a core component of its corporate decision making and communications since the company’s inception.

In 2007, Axis signed the United Nations Global Compact, and has committed to aligning to the Global Compact’s Ten Principles while also working towards the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals.

Following on from that, we have set targets to reduce emissions in line with the Science Based Targets initiative – and our goal is to meet those targets well before the two-year SBTi deadline.

A business demonstrating a clear commitment to sustainable practices and materials supports and encourages others to do the same. The future of the world will not be secured by the actions of one company alone.

Create a chain reaction; competitors and partners following a similar path is a net positive, and a driver to make further sustainability improvements to stay ahead.

Offering true cost estimates

A culture of transparency does not only apply to materials or functions. Axis’ philosophy means that it does not simply sell security devices, but it will offer clarity to customers on what the solution will cost to run over its lifetime, and offer solutions, if required, to creatively lower the total cost of ownership (TCO) to match the customer requirement more closely.

When calculating TCO, do not forget the small things. The cost of additional lighting that might be required to make a camera function properly, for example, or the environmental cost of properly disposing of a device when it reaches end of life.

Axis-OPENevents-23Being open about a solution’s TCO builds the best relationships, because it allows buyers to make an informed decision, leaving no hidden extras.

Axis OPEN events – A world of Opportunity, Connection and Discovery

Embracing openness does not mean compromising on security. Quite the opposite, in fact: tomorrow’s biggest security innovations will be built on open platforms, through open collaboration, with an open mind to what comes next.

Axis’ new event concept – OPEN – will showcase how technology is driving innovation in security, safety, and operational efficiency.

The events aim to open new opportunities for visitors, facilitate connection with wider industry leaders and to enable discovery of the challenges and opportunities arising from the key trends in the security industry. By working smarter and working together we can create a smarter, safer, more sustainable world.


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