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July 30, 2019


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InnoSenT looks back on a successful IFSEC 2019

InnoSenT took part in IFSEC 2019 in London from 18 to 20 June 2019.

At the international trade fair event for security technology, the sales team presented the latest radar solutions for the security industry. This was already the radar equipment company’s second time as an exhibitor at IFSEC.

Visited by 27,000 trade specialists, the show is one of the sector’s most important. After three days at the trade fair, the radar experts’ conclusion was positive.

“The last time we participated in IFSEC, in 2017, paled in comparison to this year. The trade specialist visitors showed enormous interest. We are constantly working intensely to advance our products and technology.

“It was all the nicer to receive praise for these efforts at the trade fair,” said Christian Bömmel, Head of Sales & Marketing at InnoSenT, adding: ‘The time-consuming trade fair preparation paid off. IFSEC was a great success for the whole team.”

“To build on our leading position, IFSEC was an absolute must”

In contrast to the previous year, the company decided to focus its trade fair planning exclusively on the security sector. Thanks to its popularity, IFSEC was a priority for the radar experts.

It presented an opportunity for InnoSenT to respond to the current market trend of the security industry. After all, the demand for radar solutions is rising. Advances in technology yield new areas of application for security technology manufacturers. The new radar uses are increasingly arousing the industry’s interest. According to InnoSenT, this is reflected not only in the number of enquiries, but also amongst the IFSEC trade fair visitors.

Bömmel explained this development as follows: “More and more security experts have radar technology on their mind and are tackling the issue. Drawing upon our innovations, we offer you the best and most state-of-the-art technology on favourable terms. While the sensors are available to the market only from a few specialists such as InnoSenT, the number of integrators and radar products is slowly on the rise.

“This increases the demands placed on them as well as the competition. To build on our leading position, IFSEC was an absolute must.”

Better understanding

The modern ambience of the trade fair booth invited visitors to linger and provided a space for stimulating discussions about radar technology. According to InnoSenT, the personal contact with prospective customers proves helpful in order to give the audience of industry specialists a better understanding of the complex technology.

The image-rich and multimedia design painted a picture of the technology’s features and use cases.
InnoSenT presented its production sensations for the security mass market at the 42 m² booth: the INS radar system and the iSYS-50xx series.

The highlights were the new iSYS-5011 and -5021 products with the exclusive Smart Tracker license. For the first time, a reliable tracking function is thus now available to the civilian security market.

The Smart Tracker filters and clusters individual radar detections into objects and enables precise tracking over a specific time. The signal processing used by the systems makes it easier for security equipment manufacturers to integrate radar into their own product and speeds up the time-to-market phase.

While the iSYS-50xx series monitors medium to large areas, the INS detects movements at close range. The compact sensor is a combination of motion sensors and contactless switches for the security and building automation area. All information on the products can be found on the company website at www.innosent.de.

InnoSenT GmbH would like to extend its warm thanks to the numerous visitors and appreciates the informative discussions held. You will find further impressions from the three trade fair days on the company’s social media channels.

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