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August 20, 2019


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outdoor sensors

OPTEX adds visual verification to VXI series with wifi camera module

OPTEX has launched a 180° day/night wifi camera module that integrates with its outdoor VX Infinity (VXI) sensor to offer app-based visual verification.

Now available in the UK and other English-speaking countries the VXI-CMOD can be retro-fitted on top of existing, wired VXI models (VXI-ST, AM, DAM).

The resulting single-unit visual verification system can then be added to an existing alarm panel or used as a standalone solution.

The VXI delivers outdoor detection with a range extending to 12m and a 90° field of view.

When the sensor detects an intruder, the integrated module records the event and sends a notification to the owners’ paired mobile phone(s) (iOS or Android) via the OPTEX Vision app. Up to three users can access the event simultaneously (subject to wifi and connection speed).

The OPTEX Vision app includes the VXI-CMOD’s live view and stored two-second pre-alarm and 28-second post-alarm recording of the event for verification.

Vertical sectors

Both residential and commercial applications, detecting intrusions in courtyards, gardens, driveways and secured car parks.


  • 180° panoramic view at 1080P HD
  • Built-in infrared LEDs for enhanced night vision
  • Microphone
  • Camera’s live view and audio are accessible at any time
  • Sensing analytics make it ‘pet-tolerant’ and efffective in all weather conditions, only sending notifications when a person or vehicle is detected

OPTEX says

“This solution helps to solve two problems,” said Masaya Kida, managing director of OPTEX EMEA. “One is to see what or who has triggered the alarm so immediate action can be taken. The second is to be notified only when needed and not receive nuisance alarm every time the cat or dog is out.

“As well as being used for security reasons, the application can be used for everyday convenience, such as being notified when a delivery has arrived, or members of family have returned home. We believe this solution will help to address the scepticism over the reliability of outdoor PIR sensors in the UK.”


OPTEX is a leading manufacturer of high performance sensing technologies and supplies detection systems and products to professional security installers and distributers.

Established in Japan in 1979 the company has developed the world’s first automatic door sensors the following year, in 1980.  OPTEX (Europe) was founded in 1991, as a subsidiary of OPTEX Japan, and now has its headquarters at the Maidenhead office in the UK with regional offices in the Netherlands, France, Dubai and Poland.

On 1 January 2017, the company transitioned to a new organisational structure with OPTEX Group CO Ltd as a holding company. Its subsidiaries include FIBE SENSYS INC (an American company) which it acquired in 2010 and Raytec Ltd (who make supplemental lighting for CCTV) in 2012.

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