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October 14, 2020

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Wireless Access Control Report 2021

ATM attacks

Outsmarting ATM and cash-in-transit attacks with smart security systems

Despite the growing tendency of card transactions, ATMs remain a staple of the high street. And as long as they do, they will be the inevitable target of attacks. Smarter Technologies, however, says it is now leaving criminals with nowhere to hide.

ATM-SmartTechnologies-20According to Statista, ATM attacks in Europe resulted in a loss of €249 million during 2019. The UK, too, has seen an upward trend in ATM attacks, with British courts acknowledging the severity of these crimes with heavy sentences. Cash-in-transit services and strongboxes also remain at risk, as criminal enterprises continually seek new ways to gain access to immediate cash rewards.

As the modus operandi of attacks evolves, so too are security innovations, however. Aimed at increasing the chances of recovery and convictions and therefore serving as a strong deterrent, smart systems are now being used to combat such attacks.

Advanced systems of sensors, pressure pads, tags, beams, and cameras are being specifically developed to address the challenges. These solutions have proven to be formidable and effective in trials and stand to be the new norm in ATM surveillance and security, believes developer Smarter Technologies.

Some devices have the ability to broadcast both data and voice at the same time, providing uninterrupted tracking and audio monitoring, for instance. This is said to empower early response and has been proven to offer improved recovery rates.

A variety of attacks, from ram raids, to ‘rip outs’, through to more sophisticated ATM black box attacks are used to gain access to cash. However, Smarter Technologies believes its new systems, such as the use of smart tags and sensors, can improve the security of ATMs and strongboxes.

The technology monitors all key metrics pertaining to ATMs, cassettes, and cash – with capabilities to report in real time on key environmental changes. These include temperature, vibration, acoustics, sound, power interruption, pressure, structural integrity, tilt, and motion. Whether criminals are simply drilling holes and using microcomputers or removing the whole ATM unit, early warning of changes in these conditions give an instant alert on attempts to penetrate, open, or move machines and their components.

Digital and analogue two-way communication with ATMs and strongboxes give security companies, banks, and business owners the data-driven ability to respond to criminal behaviour in real time and drastically increase chances of recovery.

The nature of the technology means attempts to block signal are futile. Continuous updates can be sent to law enforcement agencies using multiple networks, including the company’s own real-time Orion Data Network.

Smarter Technologies believes the development of this technology is a milestone in the ongoing investment in the security, surveillance, and tracking capabilities for banks, ATMs, and cash-in-transit companies.

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