Axis Online Events

Axis Online Events: A season of thought-provoking discussion and debate

Axis’ Dominic Jones reviews the recent programme of online events covering a wide range of industry topics and garnering much attention from partners, customers and prospects alike.

When the COVID-19 pandemic put a halt to running physical events, it was a natural and exciting step for Axis to launch and host its own Axis Online Events. In the first half of 2021, Axis has brought together key industry speakers alongside Axis’ own experts to discuss in a virtual setting a range of issues and challenges, while also exploring innovative technologies that could be deployed to help.


And, of course, if any of the sessions have been missed, all of the Axis Online Events are now available to Watch On Demand providing a mix of presentations, interviews and Q&A sessions. All of the events were very well attended generating many questions for, and much debate among, our panel of experts. If, however, there are questions not covered in any of the sessions, please drop the Axis support team a line and one of our experts will be in touch. For now, here’s a few of the highlights:

Axis Body Worn Solution for Security and Beyond

The Axis Body-Worn Solutions for Security and Beyond event focused on the benefits and applications of body-worn cameras across a range of sectors. The presence of body-worn cameras can have a positive effect on deterring antisocial behaviour, while offering an additional layer of protection to those working in an environment where they may feel vulnerable. They can also be used in combination with fixed surveillance cameras with the benefit of eliminating blind spots in the field of view and providing up-close video evidence. From a technical perspective, this solution is built on open standards and offers easy integration with any video management system (VMS) or evidence management system (EMS), resulting in a versatile, highly scalable solution for operatives on the move. Feedback has been very positive and its popularity has been illustrated by the big uptake in people signing up to view it in the weeks since.

Secure entry and frictionless access control

The then-upcoming release of AXIS Camera Station Secure Entry prompted a uniquely engaging event which brought Axis’ Peter Currie and John Allen together to talk about Unifying Access Control and Video Surveillance. Peter and John explained how unification differs from traditional integration and the merits of unifying access control and video surveillance across a wide range of industries and sectors. Watch On Demand now to understand the benefits of working with Axis as a trusted partner, and how AXIS Camera Station Secure Entry, a truly unified solution to provide video and access management in one intuitive and easy-to-use interface, can be employed as part of a comprehensive end-to-end solution. Other events in the series included the fundamentals of Perimeter Protection featuring Axis’ Lucas Young and guest speakers, and also Frictionless Access Control, which includes how Adidas has deployed frictionless applications in its retail stores.

TiNYg Technical Innovations Forum event: UK Protect Duty

One of our most recent and most talked about events concerned the proposed UK Protect Duty. Also known to many as Martyn’s Law, the legislation will concern the protective and preventative measures that should be considered to increase safety at publicly accessible locations. The event, hosted by TiNYg, the Global Terrorism Information Network, and sponsored by Axis, saw a number of guest speakers address the reasons for the new legislation, explain who it applies to and provide context around how it fits in to government strategy. Also covered was the identification of appropriate security technologies and their role in supporting businesses and organisations in mitigating risk and complying with the proposed law. A keynote address was provided by Debbie Bartlett, Deputy Director, Protect and Prepare, Office for Security and Counter Terrorism (OSCT) at the Home Office.

Cybersecurity Trends event

Axis, together with experts from Unified Security, have produced in recent months a number of articles and whitepapers on the topic of cybersecurity to evaluate its full-scale impact. Our related Cybersecurity Trends event has been another high point in the series and saw authors Sarb Sembhi and James Willison, together with Axis’ cybersecurity specialist, Steven Kenny, discuss how different industries and markets are adapting to new threats. Key points covered included the potential impact of the skills shortage on IT and security, and the considerations to be made when implementing emerging technologies such as artificial intelligence (AI), data analytics, machine learning, edge computing and 5G. The comprehensive event also covered enterprise security risk management and the benefits of a converged security approach.

Network audio solutions

Audio systems are increasingly becoming digital, embracing the benefits of connectivity and integration with other devices in a move away from traditional analogue technologies. The recent event, Audio for public address, now available to Watch On Demand, explored the modern digital public address system, and covered integration with AXIS Camera Station and SIP, a standard protocol used in voice over IP (VoIP) applications. Further events focused on the ten reasons to adopt a network audio solution and the benefits of audio over IP networks. Axis’ latest event, The Power of Audio will explain how Axis’ IP audio should be used as a key component in a comprehensive security solution with benefits for safety, security and operational efficiency, and is now open for registration.

At Axis we strive to innovate for a smarter, safer world, and our online events bring together discussion on the latest industry trends, subject matter experts and cutting-edge technology solutions to help our industry make more informed buying decisions. We have much more to say about the evolving security industry and our position within it, supported as ever by our many trusted partners. So, to discover more, please join us and register now for our exciting itinerary of autumn events.