The Video Surveillance Report 2022


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IFSEC Global takes its annual look at the video surveillance market, as we capture, analyse and reveal the views and trends directly from security and facilities professionals in the Video Surveillance Report 2022.

This year is perhaps the first since 2019 where organisations and wider society may have felt a sense of ‘normality’ – albeit with some regional disparity. And sense of a return to ‘market norms’, however, was quickly halted, with significant economic and geopolitical challenges ahead.

This is just one aspect we consider when exploring trends, challenges and opportunities in video surveillance for this year’s report.

Thanks to responses of over 400 security, facilities and IT professionals from across the security supply chain, we also examine the trends in hardware purchasing decisions for those purchasing, specifying or installing video surveillance devices. The evolution of AI into the industry continues at pace, it would appear, with user awareness growing of how security cameras can now be used for so much more than, well… security.

With all these developments, we can’t ignore cyber security in the physical security world, either. Who is responsible for ‘protecting the protectors’? And where do the vulnerabilities lie?

Finally, we also take a ‘deep dive’ into key vertical trends this year – asking industry professionals in education, healthcare, logistics and retail sectors what they use video surveillance for, and what demand looks like in these individual sectors.

There’s plenty of insight for anyone involved in the installation, management, operation, distribution and sale of video surveillance devices within the Video Surveillance Report 2022, so what are you waiting for? Download and read today!


  1. Introduction from the editor
  2. About the respondents
  3. Demand for CCTV – Hardware, software & AI
  4. Cyber security and video surveillance
  5. Vertical focus – Education, Healthcare, Logistics and Retail
  6. Wider economic and geopolitical challenges: The impact on video surveillance

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