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James Moore is the Managing Editor of IFSEC Insider, the leading online publication for security and fire news in the industry. James writes, commissions, edits and produces content for IFSEC Insider, including articles, breaking news stories and exclusive industry reports. He liaises and speaks with leading industry figures, vendors and associations to ensure security and fire professionals remain abreast of all the latest developments in the sector.
March 5, 2020

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Whitepaper: Multi-residential access management – The move to digital


World Book Day 2020 – celebrate with an IFSEC Global eBook!

In celebration of World Book Day, today is the perfect time to download one of IFSEC Global’s latest eBooks, trend reports or guides. Take a look at the most recent eBooks, below.

The Intruder Alarm Report 2020

AlarmReport-Main-19With increasing processing power and accelerating broadband speeds, cloud-managed solutions and the internet of things can create operational efficiencies for both installers and end users. This can make systems such as intruder alarms easier to install, programme, maintain and use, as well as creating a host of new revenue streams for installers. In this report, we collaborated with Texecom in an attempt to understand how receptive installers are to these opportunities, and the potential misgivings they may have about introducing the cloud or IoT to their daily job roles.

Sponsored by Texecom, who has recently launched a cloud-based platform for installers and mobile apps for both installers and their customers, the survey was completed by over 200 professionals working for security, electrical or home automation services firms based in the UK and across the EU. The Intruder Alarm Report is interspersed with comments from Clym Brown, Marketing Director of Texecom.

Topics covered

  • Evolving customer needs: how have they changed in recent years? How can installers match them?
  • Digital services: how useful do installers find apps that work alongside the products they are fitting?
  • Cloud services: are installers ready for it and do they appreciate the benefits, such as remote maintenance?
  • Cyber security: is it more opportunity than threat?

Working with the insider threat

Insiderthreat-Ovum-20In this whitepaper, Ovum explains the significance of the insider threat, what the term means, and understanding the risks involved. Organisations are full of individuals who have access to company information and data that outsiders wouldn’t have, so it is vital that businesses are aware of the potential risks associated from their employees. Insiders can be intentionally malicious, or it can be accidental if individuals aren’t well versed in secure behaviour or haven’t been trained how to spot warning signs.

Free to download, this whitepaper covers key topics on the subject, including:

  • What is an insider threat?
  • What are the potential types of insider threat?
  • How to undergo an internal risk assessment
  • Methods of security control to mitigate risks associated with the insider threat


How to deal with stress in the workplace

The issue of mental health has become an increasingly commonplace subject of discussion in recent years, and the security profession is by no means exempt from this. Download this free guide from Barbour to better understand the issues and causes that could be affecting you or members of your workforce.

Barbour-MentalHealth-20The HSE defines work-related stress as an adverse reaction, caused by extensive pressures or other demands placed on people during their employment, which can lead to physical or mental ill health.

Examples of causes of stress related to the security industry may include:

  • Night working or shift working
  • Working in adverse environmental conditions such as poor weather, noise or air condition
  • High work rate
  • Insufficient rest periods between work cycles
  • Repetitive work-related activities
  • Conflict or violence in the workplace (number 1 risk factor)
  • Lack of control over work duties
  • Lack of employee engagement or consultation

The video surveillance report 2019

The capabilities of video surveillance systems are being transformed by fundamental shifts in how digital data is gathered, analysed, shared and stored. Security cameras are already playing a key role in the drive to smarter cities and burgeoning industrial internet of things. The ramifications for the business models of installers and integrators are no less seismic.

The Video Surveillance Report 2019 examines several paradigm shifts transforming the potential of network cameras and associated hardware and software. The cloud, AI, face recognition and the impact of Brexit on surveillance projects are among the topics covered.

Sponsored by IDIS, the report’s fifth annual edition is based on a survey of hundreds of professionals involved in the supply chain for physical security systems. Installers, integrators, consultants, facilities managers and heads of security departments were among those who shared their opinions, perceptions and experiences of video surveillance technologies.

Topics include:

  1. The cloud
  2. Facial recognition
  3. AI and deep learning
  4. Analytics at the edge
  5. Cyber security
  6. Impact of US Huawei ban on procurement/specification preferences globally
  7. From HD resolution to redundancy failover: the impact of camera innovations
  8. Impact of Brexit on video surveillance projects

The future of fire safety eBook

The life safety and fire protection profession continues to adjust to a post-Grenfell reality, but in many cases the government, property developers and responsible persons aren’t adapting fast enough.

Many seminars at FIREX International 2019 centred on this theme, covering legislative and cultural changes emerging, or needed, in the aftermath of the Hackitt Report.

This eBook reveals some of the insights from those seminars and panel debates at Europe’s largest annual fire safety event, with  experts in fire science, fire engineering and fire risk management setting out their priorities for transforming fire safety for the 21st century.


  • Grenfell Inquiry must yield “bedrock change” – and soon
  • After Grenfell: Jonathan O’Neill OBE on how austerity and policy “on the hoof” are hampering progress
  • Hackitt’s Golden Thread: Fire, facilities and building safety
  • Fire safety community has to “get on board” with technological changes

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