WEBINAR: Automist, the Future of Fire Safety in Social Housing

The flexibility and proven performance of Automist, Plumis’ award-winning watermist suppression systems, has seen a growing number of local authorities and housing associations installing it to protect their most vulnerable residents.

To help landlords and their fire safety partners understand the benefits of watermist suppression and the Automist Smartscan system this webinar explores watermist suppression and outlines the key features of the Automist system.

About Plumis

Plumis is an innovative British engineering company whose Automist fire suppression misting technology has saved lives in homes across the UK. Trusted in both the UK and US, Plumis has completed over 10,000 Automist installations and been honoured as Innovation Category winner in the Queen’s Award for Enterprise.

Designed to activate at the earliest possible time, Automist uses watermist which reduces heat and minimises the build-up of smoke, helping to maintain survivable conditions. As the system is connected to the existing domestic water supply, it can be cost-effectively retrofitted with minimal disruption to the building and to residents.

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