EBOOK: A Brief History of Access Control Credentials

HIDGlobal-PACS-Evolution-Ebook-20Access control has greatly evolved, with modern solutions offering more security and convenience than ever before. From swipe technologies, like the now antiquated magnetic stripe, to contactless technologies and mobile access credentials, businesses now have several choices when it comes to access control. Despite the enhanced security and convenience offered by newer options, many organisations are still using outdated and vulnerable access control technology. For these organisations, the time has come to take action and prioritise plans for a much-needed upgrade.

To better illustrate the importance of upgrading to the latest access control technology, HID Global takes a step back in time to explore the evolution of cards and credentials technologies between the 1980s and the present-day. This free eBook examines the technologies available today and the bright future of access control, as well as clarifying why using out of date access control technology can leave your organisation at risk.

When reading this eBook, you’ll learn:

  • How credential technologies have transformed since the 1980s
  • The bright future associated with mobile access control
  • Why using cheaper credentials with modern readers creates security concerns

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