Improving Public Safety in the Age of AI and IoT

Making our cities “smarter” means equipping them with the tools to address the pressing problems that their citizens care most about. To live, work, play, socialise, and raise families in today’s large and complex cities, citizens should feel safe and secure. Safer cities attract businesses, foster innovation, provide unmatched opportunities and create stability for sustained growth. With city populations on the rise, urban planners, municipal governments, and businesses must make important decisions about prioritising safety and security. By working collaboratively, public and private entities can lay the groundwork to ensure public safety and enable economic development.

In this whitepaper from Dell Technologies, the company investigates the challenges, use cases, trends and solutions available to industry as we move towards the ‘smart city’ environment.  This booklet provides an overview for how City and Public Safety Leaders can develop Smart City strategies for public safety.

These strategies bring together solutions that help cities improve emergency preparedness, provide first responders and law enforcement with greater situational awareness and intelligently help manage multiple aspects of daily life in the city, including traffic, transportation and infrastructure. With these advances, cities can achieve the ultimate goal of improving quality of life for citizens.

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