AlarmReport-Main-19The Intruder Alarm Report 2020

With increasing processing power and accelerating broadband speeds, cloud-managed solutions and the internet of things can create operational efficiencies for both installers and end users. This can make systems such as intruder alarms easier to install, programme, maintain and use, as well as creating a host of new revenue streams for installers. In this report, we collaborated with Texecom in an attempt to understand how receptive installers are to these opportunities, and the potential misgivings they may have about introducing the cloud or IoT to their daily job roles.

Sponsored by Texecom, who has recently launched a cloud-based platform for installers and mobile apps for both installers and their customers, the survey was completed by over 200 professionals working for security, electrical or home automation services firms based in the UK and across the EU. The Intruder Alarm Report is interspersed with comments from Clym Brown, Marketing Director of Texecom.

Topics covered

  • Evolving customer needs: how have they changed in recent years? How can installers match them?
  • Digital services: how useful do installers find apps that work alongside the products they are fitting?
  • Cloud services: are installers ready for it and do they appreciate the benefits, such as remote maintenance?
  • Cyber security: is it more opportunity than threat?

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