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December 2, 2019


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New bollard launch aims to decrease criminal ram-raids

Marshalls Landscape Protection, part of Marshalls Group, a hard-landscaping manufacturer, has launched a new range of crash-tested bollards to protect buildings and spaces from criminal ram raids and accidental vehicle collisions.

The new bollard range, RhinoGuard, has also been crash-tested and is accredited by Publicly Available Specification (PAS) 170, which tested to see if the bollards can resist a 2.5 tonnes vehicle travelling at up to 20mph.

Attempts of cash-in-transit courier robberies have increased in the UK, with a reported 400 robberies in 2014 to 841 cash-in-transit robberies in 2018, according to SaferCash The bollards aims to decrease this by offering a wide range of security measures, for areas that have a high risk of collisions where vehicles travel at a slower speed, for instance car parks and shop fronts.

The products have also been designed to be set into reinforced concrete foundations, 200mm underground to enable it to absorb energy on impact and increase its resistance to hostile and accidental collisions with vehicles.

Other features of the bollard includes a range sleeve options such as:

  • A brushed stainless-steel sleeve.
  • A mild steel with a polyester powder coat finish sleeve.
  • A painted Ferrocast sleeve.

It is also available in a variety of colours to adapt to its surrounding environment.

Managing Director of Marshalls Landscape Protection, Jaz Vilkhu said: “Much of the focus of those in charge of protecting the public has been on hostile vehicle attacks carried out by those looking to harm the fabric of society, leaving the issue of criminal ram raids and accidental collisions often overlooked. But as the issue becomes a growing concern, so too does the need for security advisors to put it top of their agenda.

“Our range of PAS170 tested products provide a solution that keeps the public and business assets safe while offering a more cost-effective and proven approach than is currently available in the market.”

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