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April 25, 2023

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EBOOK: Are you Protect Duty ready?

Read this free eBook from Peoplesafe, covering what is set to be in scope in the incoming Protect Duty legislation, why it has been introduced, and advice for businesses on how to prepare. 

New Protect Duty legislation will introduce a statutory duty for the owners and operators of publicly accessible locations (PALs) to take appropriate and proportionate measures to protect the public from terrorist attacks. This wide-ranging piece of legislation is seen as one of the biggest to ever impact the security sector.

The government announced details for the Protect Duty legislation in reaction to the Manchester Arena terrorist attack and it has become known as ‘Martyn’s Law’, in tribute to Martyn Hett, who was killed alongside 21 others in 2017.

Martyn’s Law will apply to a wide variety of venues, including public squares, open spaces, markets, transport hubs, retail stores, shopping centres, pubs and bars, hospitals, hotels, casinos, stadiums and music venues, festivals and museums.

The new law will follow a tiered model linked to activity that takes place at a location and its capacity aimed to prevent undue burden on businesses. The government will establish an inspection and enforcement regime, promoting compliance and positive cultural change and issuing credible and fair sanctions for serious breaches.

With the passing of the legislation imminent, are you Protect Duty ready?

Simply click on the image and complete the short form within the eBook to read for yourself!

This eBook has been produced and is sponsored by PeopleSafe.


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