2018 appears to be the year of ransomware: Extenua Q&A spoke to the company’s CEO, Steve Visconti, about the rise of ransomware, the dark underbelly of Bitcoin and how Extenua’s Cloud2Drive configured with SilverShield can protect against ransomware. Read More

WATCH: How the super-secure SIKURPhone secures bitcoin and cannot – so far – be hacked

Find out about the smartphone designed to secure bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies, unveiled by German cybersecurity firm Sikur at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona. Read More

How to minimise your risks when working with bitcoin exchanges

There are other risks associated with trading coins beyond the menace of hacker breaches and fraud, writes David Balaban. Read More

$60m bitcoin theft: Unless bubble bursts we can expect many more of these attacks

Two Bitcoin thefts – Nicehash and the ecommerce-driven Quant malware exploit – in the last four days and thieves are just getting started, writes chief scientist at Forcepoint Dr Richard Ford. Read More

Bitcoin exchange seized over $4bn money laundering indictment, but regulations remain a minefield

Six US law enforcement agencies, including the Secret Service, have seized a bitcoin exchange, despite the fact it was registered in another country. Read More

“Bitcoin Anonymity a Myth” Says Analyst as Governments Seek Ban on End-to-End Encryption

Favoured by the politically oppressed, criminal underworld and technophiles suspicious of traditional banks, the world’s most successful cryptocurrency anonymises transactions to protect the identities of those involved in transactions. Read More

More than 100 flavors of malware stealing bitcoins

Specialized form of malware empties electronic wallets of digital currency, and antivirus often misses it Read More


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