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Fuel poverty… A crisis set to spark fire hazards?

Reporting on how high energy costs are feeding through to a growth in fire hazards, and what the fire industry is doing to combat the issue. Read More

Human impact of fire investigated in new study

The Centre for Economics and Business Research, Aico, and the Housing Safety and Wellbeing Taskforce, is conducting research into the human impact of fire. Read More

Legislation in Wales set to change to ensure private rented properties are fit for human occupancy

From 15th July 2022, the Renting Homes (Wales) Act 2016 will change to ensure that private rented properties in Wales are fit for human habitation. Read More

Housing Safety & Wellbeing Taskforce launched

The unveiling of the Housing Safety & Wellbeing Taskforce, which was joined by Sir Peter Bottomley MP, took place online on 13th January 2022. Read More

Law changes require all social housing providers to fit smoke alarms in rented accommodation

Law changes will now require all housing providers to install smoke alarms in social housing and CO alarms where fixed appliances are present. Read More

Aico launches new Environmental Sensors to promote healthier homes

Aico has launched its HomeLINK Environmental Sensors, to create better maintained, healthier, energy efficient homes. Read More

Aico launches Ei1000G to increase tenant safety

Aico, a domestic Fire and Carbon Monoxide protection manufacturer, has launched the SmartLINK Gateway, the Ei1000G. This innovation is aimed at Registered Social Landlords (RSLs), as a solution to have real time data insight of Smoke, Heat and Carbon Monoxide (CO) alarm systems across their housings, and to increase tenant safety. Read More

The strengths and weaknesses of combined carbon monoxide smoke detectors

We run through the potential benefits of using combined alarms for detection of carbon monoxide gas and smoke particles in one device. Read More

Gas Tag takes on rogue gas fitters amid growing evidence of carbon monoxide-dementia link

Last year, Gas Tag introduced technology that will undermine rogue gas fitters by providing real-time evidence of site visits. Gas Tag founder Paul Durose sheds light on fraudulent practices in the industry and the links between carbon monoxide and dementia. Read More

Nest Protect Q&A: “We’re Redefining What You Should Expect from Your Smoke Alarm”

Nest Labs general manager for Europe Lionel Paillet is speaking at FIREX about reinventing the smoke alarm for the digital age. IFSEC Global spoke to Paillet about how the Nest Protect tests itself 400 times a day and ‘speaks’ to smart-home lighting during an emergency, among other intriguing innovations. Read More

Euralarm Joins Calls for Tougher EU Regulations on Carbon Monoxide Safety in Tourism Accommodation

A coroner has also urged the government to lobby for new legislation to prevent deaths from carbon monoxide poisoning in holiday properties. Read More

£3m Government Fund for Mandatory Smoke and CO Alarms in Privately Rented Accommodation

The government has pledged £3m towards installation of alarms after making them mandatory in privately rented accommodation. Read More

Euralarm Calls for EU Directive Covering Fire-Safety in Tourism Accommodation

Horizontal legislation at European level is necessary to regulate tourist accommodation more consistently and effectively, according to the lobby group, which represents European fire-safety and security businesses. Read More

Introducing SONA: Next Generation Technology Simplifying Fire and Carbon Monoxide Safety

Sprue has brought its Thermoptek™ and Thermistek™ tech into the SONA range to show that clever alarms needn't be complicated. Read More


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