Exclusive: Hikvision publishes response to Surveillance Camera Commissioner Office – Categorically denies claim it asked for an NDA

Hikvision responds to claims made by the outgoing Surveillance Camera Commissioner. Read More

Hikvision reaffirms commitment to UK market following ‘extensive engagement’ with Government

Hikvision has reaffirmed its commitment to the UK market after "extensive" engagement with the Government. Read More

Hikvision responds to BBC Panaroma investigation on cyber security vulnerabilities

Hikvision has refuted claims made by the BBC Panorama investigation team about cyber security vulnerabilities found in one of its cameras. Read More

UK Cabinet Office announces plans to remove Chinese-based surveillance cameras from central government departments

The plans were announced in amendments to the Procurement Bill by the Cabinet Office on 6 June. Read More

Australia cites ‘security fears’ after removal of Chinese video surveillance cameras from defence sites

The Government has taken the decision to remove Chinese-made video surveillance cameras from defence sites, citing ‘national security fears’. Read More

US-China trade war continues to polarise the physical security market

Exploring the impact of the US-China trade war on the global physical security market and wider smart cities and tech industries. Read More

UK Government departments ordered to stop installing Chinese video surveillance equipment to “prevent security risks”

Oliver Dowden has ordered UK Government departments to stop installing surveillance cameras made by Chinese firms subject to China’s national security law. Read More

Indian Surveillance Pilot Project on India-China Border Fails to Live Up to Expectations

A pilot project to spot incursions by Chinese Army along the Line of Actual Control (LAC) has been less effective than the Indian government hoped. Read More


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