5 steps to a safe construction site

The construction sector accounts for a quarter of all fatal workplace injuries, while many fires break out on sites each year. Bull Products director Bradley Markham has compiled a checklist for construction site managers and health and safety professionals. Read More

How to prevent fire from spreading on your construction site

Fires on construction sites and in buildings undergoing refurbishment cause injury, destroy property and create costs that businesses many never recover from. Bull Products offers advice on implementing protective fire measures to prevent a fire from spreading. Read More

Bull Products adds Exclusion Zone Alarm System to Cygnus wireless alarm range

Bull Products, which develops fire protection equipment for construction sites, has introduced to its Cygnus wireless alarm range a feature that alerts workers to danger and prevents access into dangerous exclusion zones. Read More

Three BS EN 54 myths debunked: Why temporary construction products are exempt

Bradley Markham, director at Bull Products, argues that products used only temporarily on construction sites do not fall within the scope of EN 54. Read More

Four in 10 construction workers use the wrong type of fire extinguisher on electrical fires

“Each year, there are 40,000 fires in the workplace, which can put the lives of workers at risk but using the wrong type of fire extinguisher can also have major consequences,” said Bradley Markham, director at Bull Products. Read More

5 top tips for keeping your construction site secure

Every week in the UK, £1m worth of equipment is stolen from sites, with less than 10% of this recovered by police. Cleveland Containers shares its five top tips to keep your site secure. Read More

Bull Products to give Fire 360° customers detailed risk report

Users of the Fire 360° service from Bull Products will now receive a detailed risk report that explores potential risks and hazards ahead of work on construction sites. Read More

Security Trends in the Construction Sector

IFSEC Global speaks to Head of Security at Clipfine Group, Shaun Murphy to learn about current security trends affecting the construction industry. Read More

Approved Document B is Long Overdue an Overhaul, Say 92% of FSF Members

The Building Regulations and its guidance in Approved Document B have not been subject to an in-depth review since 2006. Read More

Fraud Risks in Major Projects: The Role of the Executive

With the Haramain High Speed Rail Project still a year from completion, SI Fellow Alan Day FSyI implores project managers to formulate a counter-fraud strategy. Read More

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