Video surveillance installed in Spanish slaughterhouses to “ensure humane treatment”

Video surveillance ensuring animals are treated humanely before being killed in slaughterhouses is now mandatory across Spain. Read More

What are the current supply chain issues affecting the fire and security industry?

In this article, Euralarm looks at current issues within the supply chain, and the repercussions those problems are having on the industry. Read More

UL achieves Technical Assessment Body designation for UK and European fire safety product markets

UL can now provide the full suite of conformity assessment services to manufacturers for a wide range of fire safety products for the UK and Europe. Read More

Trapped in a smoke-filled room, just one exit, 30 minutes to escape: the head-to-head game with a serious message for the EU

Fire Safe Europe has released a video of a head-to-head game where two teams sought an escape from a burning building to promote a new fire-safety campaign. Read More

EAPFP Calls for Single, Unified EU Facade Test

Following the New Years Eve blaze in Dubai and several other high-profile facade fires, the European Association for Passive Fire Protection has explained why the present profusion of conflicting tests are not fit for purpose. Read More

Euralarm Joins Calls for Tougher EU Regulations on Carbon Monoxide Safety in Tourism Accommodation

A coroner has also urged the government to lobby for new legislation to prevent deaths from carbon monoxide poisoning in holiday properties. Read More

Firefighters are Being Neglected Over Toxic Fire Smoke, EU Told

Fire safety experts, health specialists and fire fighters have urged the EU to take action on fire smoke toxicity testing. Read More

EU Urged to Take Action Over High Cancer Rates Among Firefighters

The EFFUA is calling for tough new measures to combat one of the less well documented occupational hazards faced by firefighters. Read More

Euralarm Calls for EU Directive Covering Fire-Safety in Tourism Accommodation

Horizontal legislation at European level is necessary to regulate tourist accommodation more consistently and effectively, according to the lobby group, which represents European fire-safety and security businesses. Read More

CertAlarm Announces Partnership with ALTER TECHNOLOGY TÜV NORD

The partnership will broaden the testing and certification infrastructure underpinning CertAlarm’s pan-European quality mark for fire protection and security systems. Read More


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