fire door safety week

Fire Door Safety Week 2018 in numbers

The organisers of Fire Door Safety Week believe the 2018 campaign is the most successful yet, winning the backing of more than 350 individuals, organisations and businesses, and reaching millions through press coverage and social media. Read More

WATCH: Why fire doors save lives, the five-step check and third-party certification

The British Woodworking Federation (BWF) has produced a series of hard-hitting films about the dangers of smoke, how to check installed fire doors are compliant and the importance of third-party accreditation. Read More

Three quarters of tenants would not follow ‘stay put’ advice during a fire

Present fire safety guidance states that if your flat is not affected by fire or smoke then ‘staying put’ cuts the risk of being overcome by smoke in a corridor as well as keeping access routes clear for firefighters. Read More

Fire Door Safety Week 2018: A rundown of activities and 5 ways you can help

Fire Door Safety Week is upon us and we need your help, says Iain McIlwee, CEO of the British Woodworking Federation. The campaign, now in its sixth year, reached over 19 million people in 2017, delivering messages on the importance of fire doors in saving lives and protecting property. Read More

Fire Door Safety Week to release educational films and white paper for 2018 campaign

The campaign, which runs between 24-30 September, will also witness the introduction of a 'fire door alert' system by the Fire Door Inspection Scheme (based on the five-step check launched during the 2015 campaign) and a seminar – 'Are you fire door sure? – held in London on 27 September Read More

Fire door campaigners call on government to set up building safety fund

Organisers of Fire Door Safety Week are urging the government to set up a building safety fund to finance fire safety improvements in local authority and housing association accommodation. Read More

ASFP announces Passive Fire Protection Award winners

Find out the winners at the ASFP’s inaugural Annual Awards Lunch in December, held at the Tower of London. Read More

Fire Door Safety Week organisers hail most effective campaign yet

On every metric, the annual campaign to educate landlords, tenants and the wider public about the importance of fire doors has communicated its message far more widely than in previous years. Read More

Majority of renters ‘left in dark’ on basic fire safety measures

New research has shown that the majority of tenants still feel left in the dark when it comes to fire safety. Read More

Residential landlords still haven’t learned Grenfell lessons – especially in social housing, survey reveals

Fewer than one in four (23%) private landlords have been in touch with tenants to discuss fire safety measures since the Grenfell Tower fire – and even fewer social landlords have done likewise. Read More

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