Fire safety guide

A practical guide to fire safety for offices

A guide to fire safety for offices, covering common hazards, fire risk assessments and common sense measures. Read More

5 likely causes of office fires – and how to prevent them

Exploring some of the most likely causes of fires in the office, and top tips on how to prevent them from happening. Read More

COVID-related considerations when updating fire risk assessments

As employees return to work, it is important COVID-related considerations are taken into account when updating fire risk assessments. Read More

Your guide to fire-resistant glass and glazing

Everything you need to know about fire glass and fire-resistant glazing, in conjunction with the Glass and Glazing Federation. Read More

Fire Protection: Your Complete Guide to Smoke Control Systems, Regulations and Building Codes

A beginner's guide to smoke control systems, the differences in ventilation systems and exploring the regulations surrounding them. Read More

Fire doors explained: A beginner’s guide

How fire doors differ from regular doors, where to install them and how to choose doors with the right spec. Read More

Fire extinguisher types: How to choose the right class

Choosing the correct fire extinguisher for the relevant class of fire could literally be the difference between life and death. Here’s a guide to each type and when to use them. Read More

Fire sprinkler systems: a guide to designs, colour codes and suppliers

Triangle Fire Systems' primer on everything you need to know about fire sprinkler systems, including types, nozzles, and tap designs. Read More

A guide to Fire Alarm System types

The wide choice of fire alarm systems available is broadly divided into "conventional" fire alarm systems and analogue addressable "intelligent" systems, each type best suited to different kinds of premises. This handy list outlines the characteristics and common usage of several different types, including four-wire fire alarm systems, two-wire fire alarm systems, analogue-addressable fire alarm systems, wireless fire alarm systems and aspirating smoke detection systems. Read More

A Guide to Fire-Safety Training

A guide to fire-safety training for both the Responsible Person in charge of business premises or residential buildings and employees, with a list of training providers. Read More

Fire Risk Assessment guide: What is it and how do you get one?

Courtesy of Assured Fire and Security here’s the lowdown on who needs a fire-risk assessment, what it entails and how to appoint a competent assessor. Read More

Fire Aspiration Detection systems – a guide

Why consider aspiration detection? As part of an automatic fire detection system, aspiration technology offers five main benefits that significantly […] Read More

Which Fire Escape Signs? Quick Guide to BS EN ISO 7010

Whenever there’s a new British Standard published for any kind of product, there seems to be a rush of sales […] Read More

A Guide to Smoke Detector Types

The hazards of smoke inhalation are often underestimated, yet twice as many people die from breathing smoke from fires than […] Read More

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