Fire safety guide

Fire doors explained: A beginner’s guide

How fire doors differ from regular doors, where to install them and how to choose doors with the right spec. Read More

5 types of fire extinguishers: A guide to using the right class

Choosing the correct fire extinguisher for the relevant class of fire could literally be the difference between life and death. Here’s a guide to each type and when to use them. Read More

What’s new in construction site fire safety guidance?

Outlining new provisions in the latest editions of two principal guidance documents on fire safety for construction sites. Read More

The Building Safety Act 2022: ‘Accountable Persons’ and ‘Principle Accountable Persons’ – What do these terms mean?

A guide to the roles and responsibilities of Accountable Persons and Principal Accountable Persons that came from the Building Safety Act. Read More

DLUHC publishes new guidance for fire safety in small premises

The Home Office has published three new fire safety guides for those responsible for the fire safety of small premises. Read More

Fire safety guide: Fire hazards and safety procedures for flats

A guide to important fire safety procedures and requirements for flats and multi-occupied residential buildings. Read More

Building Safety Act – Key concepts: What defines a higher-risk building or relevant building?

A guide to what buildings are in scope under the Building Safety Act 2022 as higher-risk buildings and relevant buildings. Read More

SFPE releases second edition of fire risk assessment guide and names 2023 President

The Society of Fire Protection Engineers (SFPE) has announced the release of a new fire risk engineering guide. Read More

Fire door failure: How to spot the faults

Examining fire door neglect and how to spot the potential faults that could be compromising your fire safety procedures. Read More

New fire safety guides introduced in Scotland

Multiple new fire safety guides have been introduced in Scotland, including practical guidance for existing high-rise domestic buildings. Read More

Fire Risk Assessment guide: What is it and how do you get one?

A beginner's guide to everything you need to know about a fire risk assessment, the duties of the responsible person and fire risk assessor. Read More

A practical guide to fire safety for offices

A guide to fire safety for offices, covering common hazards, fire risk assessments and common sense measures. Read More

5 likely causes of office fires – and how to prevent them

Exploring some of the most likely causes of fires in the office, and top tips on how to prevent them from happening. Read More

COVID-related considerations when updating fire risk assessments

As employees return to work, it is important COVID-related considerations are taken into account when updating fire risk assessments. Read More

Your guide to fire-resistant glass and glazing

Everything you need to know about fire glass and fire-resistant glazing, in conjunction with the Glass and Glazing Federation. Read More

Fire Protection: Your Complete Guide to Smoke Control Systems, Regulations and Building Codes

A beginner's guide to smoke control systems, the differences in ventilation systems and exploring the regulations surrounding them. Read More


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