Why we need to pay attention to attacks on the smart built environment

Are attacks on IoT physical security devices real or just theoretical? Sarb Sembhi explains why professionals need to be aware of the real-life examples in an effort to guard against future attacks on their own businesses. Read More

Beware Malware Disguised as Pokemon Go App, Warns Security Firm

ThreatlabZ has spotted an Android SMS Trojan disguised as the Pokémon GO app in its threat feeds. Read More

Quick Heal research shows 800 percent increase in Android malware

The research shows an increase of almost 80 percent in Windows malware and 800 percent in Android malware as compared to 2012 Read More

More than 100 flavors of malware stealing bitcoins

Specialized form of malware empties electronic wallets of digital currency, and antivirus often misses it Read More

McAfee reveals techniques used in high-profile data breaches

Underground Market Supports Point-of-Sale Cybercrime from Coding to Monetization; Digitally Signed Malware Triples in 2013 through Content Distribution Networks Read More

Facebook CSO Joe Sullivan on protecting a billion people from spam, malware and hackers

Given the scale at which it operates, Facebook has an extremely challenging task to maintain security and privacy of its users. InformationWeek spoke to Joe Sullivan, Chief Security Officer, Facebook, who shares his candid views on his biggest threats as a CSO, the common mistakes that people do on Facebook that lead to their accounts getting compromised, and how Facebook is relying on innovative approaches like crowdsourcing and sophisticated algorithms to weed out fake spam accounts and malware Read More

McAfee sees new threats subverting digital signature validation

Third quarter threats report identifies android malware that bypasses app validation as signed PC malware continues to surge; bitcoin popular in illicit trade and cybercrime Read More

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