Bhavesh Kumar

Senior Correspondent, IFSEC Global

February 10, 2016

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Globalstar and Disaster Tech Lab Supports Refugees and Nonprofits in Greece

Satellite communication devices from Globalstar Inc. and Disaster Tech Lab are aiding refugees and emergency response teams in Greek island of Lesbos.

The satellite communication technology has been helping refugees stay connected with their family members back home whereas emergency response teams are using it as an alternative communication network on Greek’s island of Lesbos.

Globalstar satellite phones

To ensure the safety of specialists in humanitarian aid, Disaster Tech Lab is enabling connectivity for them while travelling among a host of locations situated in crisis areas. Also, erratic electricity supply and absence of alternative communications networks are few other problem areas which make it even tougher for aid workers to function in such areas.

The poor mobile network in far flung areas of Lesbos was also posing a challenge for aid workers owing to the lack of telecom infrastructure in the region. Accessibility to satellite networks during such time has proved to be a boon in operable communications for aid workers.

Evert Bopp, Founder of Disaster Tech Lab, commented, “Globalstar satellite phones are the only way many of these refugees can make a quick call to family back home, letting them know they have arrived safely.

“We have seen people forgo medical treatment for the opportunity to use a satellite phone; these communications are really helping people in the most desperate need.”

He continued, “Not only are affected individuals benefiting from Globalstar technology, but we have also helped other NGOs by providing reliable satellite communications from Globalstar. Both the satellite phones and SPOT trackers have improved our operational efficiency and coordination efforts. For example, just recently, we loaned the satellite phones to other relief organizations in Lesbos to call for additional medical aid and direct resources and manpower to the right locations on short notice.”

“Globalstar has proven essential in the aftermath of U.S. disasters like Hurricanes Katrina and Sandy, and we are thrilled to be working with Disaster Tech Lab to extend the reach of our international solutions,” stated Jay Monroe, Chairman and CEO, Globalstar.

“The refugee crisis is widespread and we will continue to look for opportunities to assist both the victims and relief agencies.”

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