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Adam Bannister is editor of IFSEC Global. A former managing editor at Dynamis Online Media Group, he has been at the helm of the UK's leading fire and security publication since 2014.
March 20, 2014

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Lakanal Legacy Talk and New-Look-Fire Barrister Confirmed for FIREX Academy 2014

Balfron Tower in LondonThe prosecuting barrister on the infamous New Look case has been confirmed as a speaker at FIREX International 2014.

Saba Naqshbandia led a successful prosecution of the high street chain, which was fined £400,000 after a blaze at its Oxford Street branch – staff ignored billowing smoke and initially switched off the fire alarm.

Naqshbandia will co-host a session called ‘Liabilities For The Fire Risk Assessor and Responsible Person: Get it Wrong at Your Peril!’ with fire safety consultant Colin Todd.

Taking place from 17-19 June at ExCeL London, this year’s show will feature some 50 talks, also including Wilf Butcher, CEO of the ASFP, presenting a session on ‘Regulation 38 – Is this the best kept secret within building regulations?’

Butcher will seek to debunk surrounding the regulation and examine the responsibilities of architects, building inspectors and fire assessors.

Lakanal House

And David Crowder, business Group manager of fire investigation at the BRE and Partner at Fire Investigations (UK) and (Global) LLP, will give a detailed overview of ‘Fire Safety Issues in Social Housing’ – a controversial area of fire safety with the 2013 Lakanal House blaze still fresh in the memory.

Fire engineer principal at LPCB and BRE Global James Lavendar will speak about ‘Understanding additional risks through the introduction of photovoltaics’ in the Expertise & Guidance Theatre, summarising potential fire safety hazards involving photovoltaic (PV) systems.

Derrick Hall, head of fire products at Siemens will discuss the latest inroads and setbacks in the fight to reduce false alarms in ‘CPR: Levels of Misinformation’.

The FIREX Academy will comprise the Expertise & Guidance theatre and the Installers & Maintenance theatre.

Educational talks and seminars in the FIREX Academy are free to attend. Simply register to attend using the code FXPR5

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