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March 6, 2020


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CCTV compliance

CCTV Logbook: Supporting the management and compliance of your CCTV system

IFSEC Global speaks to Aaron Kernaghan, Managing Director of CCTV, access control and server room monitoring solutions provider Ecl-ips, to find out more about his new venture, CCTV Logbook. The business is designed to support those who use and maintain CCTV assets in management of the system and compliance.  


CCTVLogbook-AaronKernaghan-20Hi Aaron, please tell us a little more about your background in the security industry?

My original background was in sales across various sectors, but I have been involved with IP Cameras since 2002. I joined Ecl-ips in 2005, and enjoyed the role so much I bought the company in 2007 and we became NSI approved in 2009.

What’s CCTV Logbook all about? Why now and how does it work?

It is a secure portal that allows the user to manage their CCTV Assets and connecting assets topography. As IP connected CCTV systems are more complicated than analogue, the connectivity of the systems is also more complex. This portal enables the user and installer to use a common portal for troubleshooting and work logs, as well as compliance.

We visit several new sites every year and to be honest we are usually disappointed by the lack of available paperwork; work log data and also basic understanding of how existing systems are put together. This is 18 months’ of work and talking about systems culminating in a secure online portal for CCTV users and maintainers.

Who do you envision being CCTV Logbook’s primary audience? Installers? End users? Building owners? Small or large businesses?

All of these groups will benefit from CCTV Logbook. It is the businesses and/or building owners that need to be responsible for the CCTV system they install in respect of their data protection obligations, while ensuring their staff are properly trained to operate it and understand it. If these business owners make the investment now for their staff into CCTV Logbook, they will benefit from having a better managed CCTV system which should save them money in the long-term as well as being more assured they have a compliant system.

Meanwhile, it enables the end-users or the operators of this system to have have a better understanding of their system, which should make their job easier.

What solutions will CCTV Logbook bring to users?

All CCTV-related information will be available in a secure and up to date portal. This means all the assets on the network that are attached to a camera will be clearly visible. This will save time for users and for those brought into maintain the system. If parts of the system fail, troubleshooting will be quicker and simpler.

What support will you offer for compliance in relation to CCTV? Have you found that many users are falling foul of GDPR/compliance laws, and are there any common themes that stick out?

The Compliance section of CCTV Logbook is based on the 12 Principles as released by the Surveillance Camera Commissioner; this enables the user to quickly identify where they may not be complying with advice.

Yes, there are obvious areas that owners of CCTV Systems are falling foul of with respect to GDPR compliance (incorporated into UK law in the Data Protection Act 2018). Generic usernames are being used to access the CCTV system (sometimes default usernames and passwords are being used), which means companies are not fulfilling their duty to protect people’s data and ensure that they are not victims of cyber-crime. Additionally, non-existent privacy impact assessments and out-of-date signage are common issues we see.

Is there a fee involved? If so, what kind of packages are available to those interested?

We are providing the system on a free 28-day trial, no credit card details are required to set up a trial and there are no restrictions. If the user decides to subscribe, they can retain the data that they have on their free trial account. We have three main packages – Basic, Standard and Enterprise – starting at less than £10 per month.

How many businesses are currently signed up to CCTV Logbook?

We have a select number of clients that are currently signed up and we have been working with these clients to ensure that we provide them with a great system. This testing should benefit new users of the system as we have been able to now release a tested system out to market, that starts now.

Does the advice and service you offer have any accreditation or backing from industry bodies?

We do not currently have backing of any industry bodies, the system provides the user with a Compliance certificate when they have completed the compliance section, this lasts for 12 months and is based on the 12 Principles, as released by the Surveillance Camera Commissioner.

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