February 23, 2021


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Milestone invites industry to explore ‘future of video’ at MIPS 2021

Taking place online this year, Milestone Systems is inviting its partners, customers and media to explore the future of video technology at its 16th annual Milestone Integration Platform Symposium (MIPS).

Milestone-MIPS-21Under the theme of “Shaping the New Next”, more than 4,000 worldwide attendees have so registered, with the event said to allow for the vendor’s community to “come together to share insights, experiences, best practices and the latest innovations”.

Due to the ongoing global pandemic, this will be the first virtual MIPS conference, and the first where attendance is free. Milestone will investigate how video technology is transforming business and society, and why video management systems are at the core of this change.

During the two-day event, Milestone Systems will share inspiration from global innovation experts and Milestone Systems executives, and present success stories and industry insights from partners. Milestone Systems’ newly appointed CEO Thomas Jensen will talk about how video technology has moved beyond security and how the company will be working with partners to embrace this shift.

CTO Bjørn Skou Eilertsen and CSMO Kenneth Hune Petersen will discuss macro-technology trends, accelerated technology adoption in key industries, and why Milestone Systems believes that video technology is the electricity of the 21st century.

The event also offers a deep dive into the impact of video technology on city management, how video technology is improving transportation, and how computer vision and analytics are creating new opportunities in the retail industry for automation, personalisation and combatting COVID-19. Moreover, Milestone Systems will share insights into the latest deployment possibilities of its video management software, give an exclusive intro to Milestone Systems’ future direction, and present a new product launch.

“Not only does MIPS bring together Milestone Systems’ global partner community to discuss our vision of where we are going and how we can contribute to each other’s success. This year, we are looking into how our technology is transforming how we work and live and how we can empower people to make the most of video technology – in security and beyond,” says CEO Thomas Jensen, Milestone Systems.

MIPS will be held on March 1-2 for Europe, the Middle East and Africa, and March 2-3 for both the Asia-Pacific and Americas events.

Find out more about MIPS 2021 and register, here.

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