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January 21, 2020

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The Video Surveillance Report 2022

video surveillance

MOBOTIX awarded new certification for surveillance

MOBOTIX, an IP video system manufacturer, has been awarded ‘Secure by Default’ certification in the UK.  

MOBOTIX has been approved by the Surveillance Camera Commissioner, which enables the company to globally use the official ‘Secure by Default’ logo.

MOBOTX’s new IP video system, M73, that was launched in October 2019 at the MOBOTIX Global Partner Conference 2010, was one of the seven platforms that was awarded the certification.

Secure by Default

The Surveillance Camera Commissioner has listed 12 guidelines that companies should consider helping check if they comply with the principles of the surveillance codes of

secure by defaultpractice. These include:

  1. What’s your system for? Do you review its use?
  2. Have you carried out a privacy impact assessment? Do you publish your privacy impact assessment?
  3. Do you have signage in place to say surveillance is taking place? Is there a published point of contact for people to raise queries or complaints with?
  4. Who’s responsible for your system? Are your staff aware of their responsibilities?
  5. Do you have clear policies and procedures in place? Do your staff know what your policies and procedures are?
  6. How long do you keep images/information? How do you make sure images/information is deleted once they’re no longer needed?
  7. Do you have a policy on who has access to the stored information? Do you have a policy on disclosure of information?
  8. Do you follow any recognised operational or technical standards?
  9. Do you make sure that the images captured by your system are caught securely? Are only authorised people given access to the images?
  10. Do you evaluate your system regularly to make sure it’s still required? Could there be an alternative solution to a surveillance camera system?
  11. Can the criminal justice system use the images and information produced by your surveillance camera system? Do you have a policy on data storage, security and deletion?
  12. Do you use any specialist technology such as ANPR, facial recognition, Body Worn Video (BWV) or remotely operated vehicles (Drones)? Do you have a policy in place to ensure that the information contained on your database is accurate and up to date?

Several high profile and well publicised compromises of systems were left in an unacceptable security configuration. Some of these compromises also showed the root cause of cyber attacks was down to poor design and manufacturing.

Driven by the need to ensure the UK’s resilience against this and other forms of cyber security vulnerability, as well as to provide the best possible assurance to stakeholders, the requirements are an important step forward for manufacturers, installers and users alike.

Secure by Default highlights the conformity to the 12 Guiding Principles as part of the surveillance camera Code of Practice as well as the development and use of surveillance camera systems, of which MOBOTIX applies conform.

Proactive Approach to Cyber Security

Self-certification allows manufacturers of surveillance camera devices and components to clearly demonstrate that their products meet requirements that ensure they are secure by default. The requirements are an important step forward in providing the best possible assurance for stakeholders that products aren’t vulnerable to cyberattacks.

MOBOTIX continues cyber security focus

Recently, MOBOTIX has launched a free of charge Cactus Patch with the latest firmware updates. With this continuous support, a stable and secure video system is sustained, assures the company.

Phillip Antoniou, Vice President Sales Europe South/West & MEAPAC of MOBOTIX commented:

“We’re very proud to achieve the “Secure by Default” certification, this demonstrates the commitment that we as MOBOTIX have towards Cyber Security. We recognise the existing and increasing concerns and as such will be further developing our solutions and strategy to address this.”

Tony Porter, Surveillance Camera Commissioner added: “Many congratulations to MOBOTIX AG in self-certifying their products as ‘secure by default. The certification mark demonstrates to customers and stakeholders alike that the products listed on my website meet the new minimum requirements I expect in terms of cyber-secure surveillance camera products. It’s great that we have a number of proactive manufacturers like MOBOTIX AG leading the way toward a common goal to develop products that to mitigate potential cyber-threats.”

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