Understand the true cost of your video solution

Download the IDIS guide to Total Cost of Ownership (TCO)

In today’s fast-moving surveillance market security managers must understand the true cost of various video solutions available on the market.

When choosing a new video system its vital to understand the true cost of what you’re buying.

This IDIS guide will help you work it out – and avoid the common extra costs that are often hidden.

  • Why system complexity is more expensive
  • The domino-effect losses of system upgrades
  • Hidden licence-fee costs and how they can escalate
  • How to factor-in your operational costs – from privacy masking to control expenses
  • Poor performance penalties – and the cost impact of system failure
  • PLUS why cybersecurity could be the biggest financial threat to your organisation

Download Understanding Total Cost of Ownership now and learn how to:

  • Reduce video tech costs at every stage, from system design to user training and maintenance
  • Future proof your investment with quicker upgrades
  • Guarantee your system health for up to seven years
  • Cut operating costs and avoid the common pitfalls
  • Gain efficiencies from the latest easy-implementation AI tech
  • Reduce losses from system failure and maintenance gaps
  • Avoid existential losses from cybersecurity breaches

PLUS, this e-book covers the significant cost advantages that come from working with single-source technology partnerships.

Don’t invest in your new video system without understanding the true costs.

Build a more accurate and credible case for your investment – start here, with this introductory IDIS e-book.

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