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December 18, 2019

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Product News

Automatic System’s ClearLock receives LPCB certification

AutomaticSystems-LPCB-19Designed for sensitive sites to ensure strict entrance control, the ClearLock 635 and 637 security doors are now approved to LPS 1175: Issue 8 security rating 1 to 3, LPCB certificate numbers 1540a and 1540b.

The ClearLock series of security doors consist of a cylindrical booth, with a number of products available in the range. It is the 635 and 637 models that have both received certificate numbers from the Loss Prevention Certification Board (LPCB), which works closely with the police, government, insurers, risk consultants and architects to develop its standards. Automatic Systems is confident this demonstrates a reliable solution for customers when choosing secure entrance solutions.

Both solutions are said to be ideal for sensitive sites, including banks and insurance companies; government buildings and institutions; pharmaceutical laboratories; data centres; nuclear power plants and military sites. Several electronic detection systems are available, as well as outside surveillance. In addition, the ClearLock series is designed to be bullet, vandalism and burglary resistant to ensure compliance with various industry standards.

For installers, the products can be disassembled in accordance with on-site installation requirements, while electronic and mechanical parts are located in the canopy to make maintenance easily accessible.


LPCB approval

Part of the BRE’s (Building Research Establishment) remit, LPCB has been working with industry and government to set standards needed to ensure that fire and security products perform effectively and as they are sold. As a third party approver, this is designed to benefit manufacturers, suppliers and their customers to ensure confidence in products and solutions.

Head to the BRE’s website to find out more about the benefits of LPCB approval.

The rising role of IT in physical access control

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Rising Role of IT in Physical

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