March 11, 2021

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AXIS Camera Station Secure Entry: Powerful new module to unify video and access control introduced at online event

AXIS Camera Station Secure Entry is an addition to AXIS Camera Station VMS, providing secure access control as part of a unified end-to-end solution with applications across industry.

Axis-SecureEntryCameraModule-21Axis Communications has presented and demonstrated the new AXIS Camera Station Secure Entry module at a dedicated and uniquely engaging online video event on 23 February 2021. The module sits within AXIS Camera Station video management software to truly unify physical access control and video surveillance in a single platform.

Hosted by Axis’ Steven Kenny, the online event features presentations by Axis representatives Peter Currie and John Allen from Axis Northern Europe, as well as a guest interview with Roger Hewitt, Security Engineer at EMR UK, a global leader in metal recycling and an Axis customer.

AXIS Camera Station Secure Entry – what is it and what are the benefits?

As part of a comprehensive end-to-end solution, AXIS Camera Station Secure Entry removes the need for multiple vendors, simplifying and enhancing access control for businesses large or small. It facilitates the safe flow of people in and out of controlled areas, through the use of modern door access controllers with a very much simplified edge-based architecture.

WATCH: AXIS Camera Station Secure Entry online event

The new module allows easy communication between devices which are designed to sit on an IT network, so installation takes a fraction of the normal time. As it is network-based, the system allows for simple scaling as required. The typical access control application of controlling and monitoring 15 doors can already be easily surpassed by AXIS Camera Station Secure Entry which will scale to a maximum of 128 doors.

A truly unified solution

Axis’ approach unifies video and access control data across a single platform. In terms of configuration and system setup, the operational interface between video and access control is much more straightforward, and for the user, situational awareness and search features are far simpler and more effective for monitoring and investigation.

Peter Currie elaborates: “All Axis devices effectively share the same language and have been manufactured with close consideration given to how they will work together within an end-to-end solutions architecture. Such unification means that the system can be complemented by the addition of other key add-ons such as IP audio, analytics and other sensors, simply and effectively.”

The future of access control

The interoperability of Axis devices allows for the sharing of intelligence across an entire estate, employing edge-based analytics for localised processing. Live monitoring and video verification allow AXIS Camera Station Secure Entry to compare a live image with a card holder’s image held on an access database. Such technology also facilitates frictionless access control, which has been instrumental in ensuring access to buildings and sites during the COVID-19 pandemic because it avoids the unnecessary touching of shared surfaces.

Additionally, Axis’ commitment to implementing appropriate cyber security measures provides reassurance to its customers and partners that all solutions are manufactured in accordance with a responsible cyber strategy.

John Allen explains the benefit for partners: “Axis is in a very good position to be able to offer secure network devices, as the electronic security industry moves increasingly toward connected architecture. Axis security solutions are designed to meet the needs of modern businesses now and in the future. The ability to place one order with Axis for a complete security solution that is both intelligent and cybersecure, including hardware and software, is a major plus point.”

To find out more about AXIS Camera Station Secure Entry and the benefits of a unified video and access control solution, watch the online event.


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