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December 20, 2023


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“We create the best opportunities, innovations, and ideas together”: Axis on the power of open communication

Following Axis Communications Europe-wide security industry events, the firm share learnings, takeaways, and the importance of an open approach in all aspects of technology.

In early 2023, the firm set the stage for what promised to be an ambitious and engaging series of events across Europe in partnership with Genetec and Milestone, two other power houses of the security industry.

The new OPEN events aimed to highlight how technology is driving innovation in security, safety, and operational efficiency, while also providing a platform for delegates to learn more about the industry’s pressing issues such as digital transformation and cyber security.

Following the conclusion of its first series of industry-uniting OPEN events hosted across five countries, including #OPENLondon which attracted around 500 attendees to Wembley Stadium, much has been learned through the organisation of events on such a large scale.

OPEN offered attendees the opportunity to participate in plenary sessions, debates and workshops, as well as testing new technology and networking with like-minded individuals from across the security and video surveillance industry.

“OPEN is energy, communication, and innovation,” says Axis Regional Director for Northern Europe, Linn Storäng. “By sharing ideas we move forward as an industry. OPEN was a great opportunity not only for Axis to tell people where we are today and where we’re heading in the future, but also for representatives of the entire industry to put their heads together and form the important relationships which will lead to the great open innovations of tomorrow.”

Removing the limits of digital transformation

Axis Communications has maintained an open approach to its technology since introducing the first networked surveillance camera to the market in 1996. OPEN saw high-level speakers discussing the issues that matter most to the security industry – and revealed how such an open approach can help to solve the problems of today and generate new solutions.

Along with topics such as supply chain resilience, ethics and sustainability, cybersecurity and its effect on device interoperability, and compliance and data regulation, speakers at OPEN highlighted the importance of digital transformation. The continuing convergence of security and non-security workflows proved to be a hot topic, driven by rising integration of AI and deep learning into network video platforms.

The key message, echoed by many speakers, was that such innovation is only made possible by open platforms which encourage development and experimentation without limits. The digital transformation of video surveillance pushes cameras beyond their pre-defined boundaries, and such fresh capabilities naturally draw in departments and stakeholders that would not previously have been concerned about the security function.

Creating new relationships

Open communication and relationship-building was a running theme through all five OPEN events, held between 3 October and 21 November from London to Helsinki. “Being able to talk about subjects like sustainability, ethics and trust with the people making a difference in the technology space was a great privilege,” says Verena Rathjen, VP, Axis Communications EMEA.

“It’s important to look at those things with a foundation of the way the modern world works,” says Shirley Phillips-Knight, Sales Manager, UK and Ireland at Axis Communications. “We create the best opportunities, innovations, and ideas together – being open with each other and with our technology means we have no boundaries. Everything can be integrated, everything can work together, and our partnerships will grow stronger as a result.”

Cybersecurity in focus

The impact of NIS 2 proved an important talking point for many attendees, particularly the updates over the original NIS directive which regulate cybersecurity of the ICT supply chain – including IoT devices.

Steven Kenny, Axis Architect & Engineering Program Manager and Director of Systems, Information and Cybersecurity for the UK Chapter of ASIS International, explains: “I made numerous new industry contacts at OPEN, and every one of them wanted to talk about NIS 2. Given the October 2024 deadline, it’s something we all need to prepare for, and a widespread open approach to technology will make the transition far easier.”

“Businesses that need to comply with NIS 2,” continues Kenny, “will be expected to perform a greater level of due diligence on their technology partners and consider every potential threat vector. My key message is that those that hide, obfuscate, or otherwise make information difficult to access will have a rough ride. The best businesses should be clear and open about their credentials, and make every effort to offer clean interoperability which complies with the highest cybersecurity standards.”

Trending technology and innovation

The events brought together some of the biggest names in the security space, giving them the opportunity to share their innovations with an eager audience. It offered attendees the opportunity to discover and get hands-on with the technology that will continue to drive security’s digital transformation forward, presented by Axis, Genetec, Milestone, and a long list of additional Axis technology partners.

Interest surrounding network audio devices was strong, driving discussion of potential new uses of sound in security, and cementing the place of IP audio in advanced security systems. Power over Ethernet (PoE) also proved a topic of much conversation, with new devices allowing both PoE in and out – and thus enabling daisy-chaining of PoE devices, simplifying installation – attracting significant attention.

Taking a united approach

“My biggest takeaway from OPEN,” says Linn Storäng, “is a feeling of unity. Coming together with so many representatives of the security industry, educating ourselves and communicating as one, that’s so important. We may be different businesses, but we are all working towards the same goals, and OPEN was an opportunity to find alignment, forge new relationships, and connect with others to open new lines of communication.”

Linn Storäng concludes: “OPEN showed that talking with partners with full transparency, and focusing on the kind of innovation that we can create together is not only exciting – it is essential. Gathering people and ideas together is a vital step on the road to creating a smarter, safer world.”

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