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January 1, 2014

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Emerald multi-functional touch screen terminal from Tyco Security Products installed in Heathrow Airport


Industry’s multi-functional touch screen access terminal Emerald has been deployed for controlling access to security critical areas throughout Heathrow –one of the busiest airports in the world.

As one of the world’s busiest airports, serving over 184 destinations across 80 countries, Heathrow Airport, UK needed a reliable, innovative, intelligent device to ensure the highest levels of security as well as increasing operational efficiency.

Heathrow Airport, a long standing CEM customer, is using Emerald from CEM Systems, part of Tyco Security Products to control critical paths and restricted zones that are permanently manned by security personnel. Emerald will provide security staff with a clear, visual, colour image indicating the card status i.e. access denied or access granted. Emerald will also enhance security at Heathrow’s Campus area where all cargo, staff and crew are processed before gaining access to the airside area. This is a critical part of Heathrow’s security operation where the highest level of security is required.

CEM Systems has been working with Heathrow Airport for over 20 years securing all five terminals with AC2000 Airport; CEM’s aviation specific access control and security management system. AC2000 Airport provides Heathrow Airport with a flexible and customisable security solution to meet their unique and growing security requirements.

AC2000 Airport protects staff, aviation equipment such as air bridges and luggage carousels, and millions of passengers each year. As well as utilising AC2000 software modules such as AC2000 AED (Alarm Event Display), AC2000 T&A (Time & Attendance) and AC2000 VIPPS (Visual Imaging Pass Production System) the airport also has over 4000 readers from the CEM S600 range and a number of S3030 portable readers for airport roaming security.

Adding to the existing range of hardware, Emerald is now installed in the Heathrow ID centre and the Campus area. “As an intelligent device emerald goes beyond securing premises; it empowers users, improves overall business needs and increases operational efficiency” said Andrew Fulton, Senior Director of Global Sales, CEM Systems. He continued “Emerald is truly revolutionising the security industry, providing a whole new access control experience”. 

Featuring a touch screen reader and controller in one, and built in Voice over IP (VoIP) intercom functionality removing the need for an additional intercom system, Emerald uniquely enables data normally only available on the CEM AC2000 access control client PC to be accessed locally and securely at the door through its range of Remote Applications. They display real time security information and statistics such as card status, scheduled visitors, top system alarms and most recent alarms on the terminal. Additional applications include First and Last swipes that can be used for time and attendance purposes, Card Details for individuals to determine access levels and card expiry date, and Change PIN that allows users to proactively change their own PIN without contacting the system operator. This data can only be accessed by those with the correct cardholder privileges.

Emerald now has the ability to display rotating advertisements or information announcements. This feature can be used to display Health & Safety notices or company updates, as well as advertisements which businesses can use to assist in revenue generation.

Entry Checklist Mode enables emerald to display a sequence of images and questions relating to business requirements such as Security or Health & Safety, which users must answer positively before the door will open. If the employee answers ‘No’ to any of the mandatory questions the door will not open. This enables the business to enforce their Health & Safety Policy at the edge of their access control system.

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