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August 22, 2018

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Inner Range upgrades Inception with new reporting functions, anti-passback logic and localised language

Inner Range has introduced new functions to Inception, its access control and intruder detection system.

These include a range of extra reporting functions, anti-passback protocols, language translation and interlocking doors.


Automated reports. Several new reporting functions can be scheduled and automated. Managers can, for instance, receive a monthly report on access card inactivity to delete credentials no longer in use.

Automatic muster reports, showing who is where on site, can also be scheduled to run in the event of a fire alarm.

Anti-passback logic. Checks whether user’s last known location tallies with the area they’re seeking access to. Particularly useful where accurate user locations are critical, this combats tailgating, sharing access cards and improves adherence to correct access procedures.

Potential application for avoiding overcrowded car parks too: by preventing multiple drivers from presenting the same access credential.

Passback violations can be ‘auto-forgiven’ or exempted so cards continue to work. Instead, managers are alerted and can take relevant action based on individual violations and the violation trends that arise.

Translation/localised language. Web interface and LCD terminal can now be translated into other languages. Imported directly onto the web interface, personalised languages do not require special firmware.

Interlocking doors. Locking two or more doors to ensure they can’t both, or all, be open at the same time.

Valid ‘from’ and expiry dates can now be set so permissions activate and deactivate for contract workers, memberships, car parking credits and so forth.

User cancellation on first credential use could be used in, for example, leisure facilities.

Inner Range says

“Inception is our budget-friendly but powerful integrated access control and security system,” said Tim Northwood, general manager of Inner Range. “Now it offers more flexibility and has more helpful features.

“We pride ourselves on continually improving our products and these latest updates are all about making it as easy as possible for security and facilities managers to control access across their sites, whether that’s for security or health and safety reasons.”

About Inner Range

Inner Range, which was founded in Australia in 1998, develops intelligent, integrated access control and intruder detection systems.

Its solutions are pitched at both the entry-level market as well as enterprise organisations, with highly encrypted end-to-end solutions developed for government, military or critical national infrastructure.

Integration is a pillar of its strategy. The company invests time and resource in helping customers combine Inner Range systems with CCTV, lifts, building management systems, intercoms, keylockers and so on.

More than 130,000 Inner Range systems have been installed in over 30 countries.

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