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Why electronic access control is seen as an expensive luxury by many small firms

Adam Voss

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Adam Voss is a digital marketing executive at Digital ID, the UK’s largest ID card company.
May 2, 2017

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Many small businesses see electronic access control as an exorbitant expense that offers little in the way of benefits.

However, this couldn’t be further from the truth. Investing in access control provides many benefits for any business — not to mention, it’s not nearly as expensive as many people who are uninformed on the truth of the industry would have you believe.

To understand why so many small firms think access control is an overpriced asset that is not worth their time, effort, and money, it is important to first understand the reason for this misconception.

Why access control is viewed as expensive

When many organisations think of security and in particular access control, they think of an over-the-top security system that is (A) unnecessary, as they are unlikely to ever encounter a security breach, and (B) has a hefty price tag.

In short, they are thinking of access control measures that have failed to consider risk assessment.

The purpose of carrying out regular risk assessments is to determine exactly which types of breaches your business is most likely to be vulnerable to, and consequently safeguard your business against those risks through use of the proper measures.

Otherwise, by protecting against vastly unlikely or nonexistent risks, you will be investing in equipment that is unnecessary, ineffective and expensive.

By analysing what you are at risk of and protecting against those scenarios, you are ensuring that your business is well-secured, staff and assets are protected and making sure that any investment is spent in the right areas.

Does access control have to be expensive?

No, not at all. Access control is a reasonably-priced and wise investment as it gives the user full flexibility and with on-going technologies in place, the security levels associated with this are only going to get better.

To make sure that you are not overspending or purchasing the wrong system there are a few things to keep in mind during the implementation process. You need to review the physical, personnel and information security aspects and the risks associated to each element.

Despite what you might see or read about the sky-high costs of investing into access control, you will be happy to know that the financial commitment is not actually out of the realm of possibility for most businesses. When starting out your research it is always advisable to speak to a reputable provider of systems and equipment (such as Digital ID) who can fully assess the project and advise on the best approach.

Is access control worth it?

It is but only when done correctly. This includes everything from researching the right products, installing the system and daily usage.

Don’t put safety on the backburner; the benefits of having proper security measures in place go on and on, even aside from simply preventing tragedy from striking.

Consider some of these unexpected benefits that many businesses experience from implementing access control on their premises that go far beyond simple security.

Enhanced productivity

Believe it or not, having higher security measures in place makes employees feel safer in a business and allows them to get much more done in an average day. In short, your business environment can become more productive overall by the simple act of investing in access control.

Higher employee loyalty

 If you have a system in place that is intended to protect both your business and the people who work in it, your employees will take notice that you are concerned about their wellbeing and ensure that their place of work is a safe and protected one. Take our word for it—they will appreciate your gesture, and the overall effect will make the office a much happier place to work.

Establishes credibility

Let’s face it, access control being executed in a business just looks downright professional. Anyone who visits your location and sees these security measures will trust that the space is one that is worthy of their trust.

Consider investing in access control today

As you can see, there are many reasons to give access control a try despite security alone—although that is a huge benefit as well. Don’t waste any more time not having these measures in place in your business, and start the process of deciding the type of access control that is right for your company today.

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